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Book Reviews by IAS members Investigate before You Vaccinate, S.K. ClaridgeIAS Reviewed by Debora Anderson Investigate before You Vaccination is a well researched and informative book which will be useful for parents wanting to make an informed decision on the issue of vaccinations. It is also a very useful reference for health practitioners and anybody else wanting to learn more about childhood diseases, the efficacy of vaccines and their impact on thee immune system. Vaccine safety is well discussed with data from adverse reaction monitoring centres in New Zealand and overseas. Investigate Before You Vaccinate follows a logical format for quick reference. Chapters include the history of vaccines, the immune system, vaccine manufacture and efficacy, vaccine safety and big business. Informed consent and data about unvaccinated children being healthier is also presented. There are several more titles to follow in the series with books on individual diseases, etc. Investigate Before You Vaccinate is particularly relevant to New Zealand parents wanting to make the difficult decision of whether or not to vaccinate their child. Boost Your Child's Immune System, Harriet Griffey Reviewed by Debora Anderson Boost Your Child's Immune System is a very useful book for parents wanting a non-confrontational read about vaccinations, how to look after sick children and how to take care of your child's immune system. Harriet Griffey has been a paediatric nurse (U.K.) and provides a very practical and informative guide. The first half of Boost Your Child's Immune System informs us about childhood diseases and vaccinations. The next section is about nutrition and lifestyle which is short but information, e.g. she recommends apricots, avocados, bean sprouts and much more, and why they are so nutritional. The third section provides information on alternative therapies, from homeopathy to acupressure to Toga. There is lots to do and choose from. I have a copy of Boost Your Child's Immune System myself and have found it a great resource (albeit pro-vaccination!). The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination is not Immunization, Tim O'Shea Reviewed by Karin Martin This book is an excellent starting point for those wanting to find out more about the immunisation/vaccination issue. It is thought-provoking and the author presents his case simply and clearly, yet manages to provide a wealth of information.The book is actually an excerpted chapter from a larger work, entitled "alternative to Annihilation: Considerations for Human Survival to Y3K". The larger work would also make interesting reading. Tim O'Shea has researched Ritalin, antibiotics and HRT, as well as vaccination, so he was open to the possibility of mass disinformation, but he was not prepared for the extent of systematic underreporting, nor for the sheer amount of information opposing vaccination, which is there but so difficult to find unless you know where and how to look. The main thrust of this book is that human blood is sacrosanct. Nature has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the external environment doesn't come into contact with the blood except through the lungs, skin and digestive tract, and by injecting foreign substances into the body, we are bypassing those protections and promoting death. He says, "the condition of a child's blood determines the quality of an immune system that has to last a lifetime. The blood is the medium in which the cells of the body are bathed, from birth till death." He proposes that" "Before we put anything into that bloodstream, we should be quite sure we know everything possible about the substance. Is that asking too much"? For such a small book, a lot is covered from natural versus artificial immunity, through formaldehyde, mercury and aluminium, antibodies, disease decline and infectious diseases to SIDS and AIDS. Although the information each topic is not in depth, it provides an excellent starting point, and there is a huge list of references at the back, including web sites, for those who want to further their own research. The book ends with a real poster of a question" "If those in power... were faced with a choice between the health of our children and the $30 billion, which would they choose? The Sanctity of Human Blood is the perfect book for those who want or need information about the vaccination issue, but who don't have time for reading. It is easy to read, gets straight to the point and makes the reader think. The Medical Mafia, Guylaine Lanctot Reviewed by Carolyn Marshall If you are open to the idea that conspiracies really do happen in real life, then this book will be hard to put down. The author, Guylaine Lantot, is a medical doctor who obviously became very disillusioned with conventional medicine and swung to the holistic end of the medical spectrum. She goes for the jugular of the World Health Organisation (WHO). I have little doubt

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