Project Tongariro publications for sale. Books, DVDs, resources about Tongariro National Park, Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Mt Ruap

Project Tongariro publications for sale. Books, DVDs, resources about Tongariro National Park, Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Mt Ruapehu Volcanoes. Welcome to Project Tongariro's shop, featuring a number of fascinating books written about Tongariro National Park. Some of these publications have been commissioned especially by the Society to enhance understanding of this special World Heritage Naitonal Park and therefore will not be found elsewhere. Project Tongariro has also developed a wonderful interactive DVD resource called 'Lahar, Lahar' - Featuring the 1995-96 Eruptions of Mount Ruapehu. This comprehensive case study from eruptions to dam burst provides a unique resource for teachers and students alike! A quick field guide to the plants you are likely to encounter on your visit to Tongariro National Park. NZ$ 12.50 From Eruption to Dam Burst - A case study featuring Mount Ruapehu 1995 - 2007. This DVD is available for a donation of $15.00. NZ$ 15.00 Reprinted in 2004, this book was written in 1901 by James Cowan as a tourist guide book to the area. It contains very interesting sketches to accompany the 'journey' and advertisements from tourist attractions and accomodations of that time. NZ$ 15.00 A historical photo collection of Skiing on Mount Ruapehu. NZ$ 3.50 The Park Handbook. Contains extensive information and pictures of this World Heritage Site, from its legends and history, to the park today, its geology and ecology and recreation opportunities. NZ$ 15.00 A must for all who are thinking of undertaking the Tongariro Crossing, or those who have already completed it. Trip and track information for each section, along with the history and geological make up of the mountains. Invaluable section on what you need for this amazing journey. NZ$ 6.00 Following on from the success of the first Tongariro Activity Book we now have another to keep those young kids entertained and educated at the same time! NZ$ 6.00 A must for anyone planning a trip into the Tongariro Forest. Has information on tracks such as 42 Traverse, points of interest such as the Okupata Caves and Kiwi Clearing. Also a run down on the history of the area. Invaluable reference for mountain bikers, hunters, quad bike riders and trampers. NZ$ 5.00 This 2001 edition of the popular field guide to the volcanoes and landscapes of Tongariro National Park by Karen Williams includes details of the 1995/6 eruptions of Mount Ruapehu. NZ$ 30.00 The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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