Ultimate Undies

Toilet training pants to fight the puddles and save your world. When you're ready to teach toileting, Ultimate Undies are your insurance against puddles at the mall, and tears at the toilet. Ultimate Undies look and feel like real undies, with a stretchy cotton outer, but with the added bonus of a thin super absorbent inner layer. It won't leave them completely dry, but it will help minimise the puddles and the embarrassment for you and your child when you're out and about. Unlike nappies, Ultimate Undies let your child feel that they are wet, teaching them to become more aware of when they need to go and helping them learn faster. Ultimate Undies are not only the best looking cloth toilet training pants on the market but they beat the competition hands down for absorbancy. They're a cost effective way to get that extra peace of mind about life's little accidents plus you get the benefit of knowing you're helping the environment by limiting your use of disposable products. Is it undies? Is it a nappy? No. Its Ultimate Undies! White Ultimate Undies, with Red detail. Made in New Zealand with quality machine washable fabrics. XS: 1yr S: 1-1.5yrs M: 1.5-2yrs L: 2-3yrs XL: 3-4yrs NZ $19.95 The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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