Wellington Pain Relief Clinic - Naturopathy is more than skin deep

From the Desk of Geoff Pitt, Naturopath Frequently people call The Pain Relief Clinic with questions about what personal skin care products to use, what products I use and what do I recommend. As time has gone on I have found certain products excel. Here are the Skin products I recommend A deep penetrating sports rub that penetrates the skin very well. It warms up cold, tight or cramping muscles. It can be rubbed on the skin before a sports event. Or it can be rubbed on the skin after exercise. While developed primarily for athletes, often muscles reflect the same condition due to aggravations. The deep penetrating action opening up blood vessels so restoring circulation is highly effective. A wild yam preparation for neck pain, can assist in overcoming body imbalance. This is a trans-dermal product applied direct to the skin. Creating a favourable 'climate' for the body to adjust to new function. DISCLAIMERThe information presented on this website should not be considered complete, or taken in the place of a medical consultation for diagnosis and treatment, with a healthcare professional.

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