Wellington Pain Relief Clinic - A Naturopaths herbal COLON CLEANSE, FOR CLEANSING AND DETOXIFICATION

Wellington Pain Relief Clinic - A Naturopaths herbal COLON CLEANSE, FOR CLEANSING AND DETOXIFICATION From the desk of Geoff Pitt, Naturopath A healthy life style is made up of many things, but three healthy things come to mind. What you remove FROM your body, detoxification. What you put IN your body, with nutrients, this gives you the building blocks to build a healthy body. What you put ON your body, this is what you expose your skin to. Skin the largest organ of the body. Naturopaths call it the third kidney. Scenar therapists call it the third lung. Kidney or lung?, both are organs of elimination. Put rubbish in, its got to come out somehow. And if ONE of your organs of elimination is under functioning, the stress falls harder on the rest of your bodyA HEALTHY CLEANSE LEADS TO A CLEAN BLOODSTREAM COLON CLEANSING Do you want a body that will sustain your dreams? TONE Feed your body good nutrition In the good old days of Scenar therapy, we used to tell out clients not to bath the skin for two hours before or after a session. This meant our early morning clients had to get up two hours early just to shower !!! Now what we say is what is really important is that you have good nutrition on board. Just so long as your have a good supply on nutrients on board, then Scenar can help your body focus on where to put the good stuff. We now know a clean blood stream is due to good drainage. Scenar can even alert the body, via electrophoresis, to bring your on board mineral supply to the surface of your skin. So just so long as you have clean dry skin, with no make up on the surface, then your skin is going to benefit big time. Some times its a case of not what you put on your skin, but what good nutrition you already have available. DISCLAIMERThe information presented on this website should not be considered complete, or taken in the place of a medical consultation with a professional health care provider, for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment.

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