VISCOANALYSER DSR The Research Grade Asphalt Dynamic Shear Rheomet er VISCOANALYSER DSR, is a research grade Dynamic Shear Rheometer specifically designed for the testing of asphalt binders according to AASHTO T315-05 (TP5).VISCOANALYSER DSR exceeds all of the SHRP instrument requirements. The instrument comes standard with 8 and 25 mm parallel plates, but is also available with various plate/plate and couette measuring systems. The instrument features a wide torque and frequency range utilizing a low inertia air bearing coupled with a high resolution angular displacement sensor. In addition, it comes standard with automatic gap setting stage control and quantitative normal force loading capability. The instrument is built around a dedicated, on board 32 bit computer for unprecedented performance, versatility, and reliability. A built in modem allows for remote control operation, remote service diagnostics, and software updates. The user interface is a true Windows environment including multitasking and universal file structure for data exportation to any other Windows program. No interface card is required allowing the instrument to operate with a notebook computer. Standard software allows frequency sweep testing and a special SHRP program provides binder specification testing at 10 rad/s.VISCOANALYSER DSR was specifically designed with resistively heated lower plate and radiant heated upper plate, rather than the conventional water circulating bath systems. Resistively heated systems possess inherently faster transient response times, and do not have the problems associated with water baths including water level, water absorption into test samples, and sample insertion onto wet plates. Gradients between the two plates are better than 0.1°C and heating/cooling rates in excess of 20°C/min are possible. Key Features Exceeds all SHRP instrument requirements. True MS Windows user interface with frequency sweep capability including 10 rad/s. Automatic gap zero and automatic gap setting with user selectable normal force loading. Dry, resistively heated upper/lower furnace with heating/cooling rates to 20°C/min. Automatic compensation for thermal expansion of measuring systems (patent pending) Built in communication port for remote service diagnostics, remote control operation, and software updates. Air bearing design. Temperature range -15 to 400°C with user programmable temperature profiles. ISO 9001 approved.

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