V ISCOANALYSER is an efficient, easy-to-operate, research rheometer upgradable to STRESSTECH, The World's Finest Rheometer. The VISCOANALYSER system was designed following a modular concept, and can be upgraded to meet a user's expanding needs and requirements without any compromise in performance. VISCOANALYSER assures the user of always economically meeting their present and future testing needs. Field of Application Food Products Paints and Coatings Polymers and Composites Asphalt Pharmaceuticals Electronic Materials Instrument Setup VISCOANALYSER is an instrument for R&D and QC. It is delivered with all necessary parts to start a measurement. This includes: VISCOANALYSER instrument MS Windows software Measuring system, concentric cylinders CC25 Air regulator and filter Inertia Compensation for obtaining meaningful rheological data Automatic Gap Setting Automatic Gap Control Instrument Software Instrument Software VISCOANALYSER's RheoExplorer software consists of one of the following measuring programs: Viscometry stress sweep Creep/Recovery Oscillation under stress & strain control Yield Stress Temperature Control Units The instrument can be delivered with temperature control units using either thermostat liquid or resistively heated/adiabatically cooled furnaces for plate/plate, cone/plate, and solids testing. The instrument can perform tests in constant temperature mode, gradient mode and as temperature profiles. Accessories VISCOANALYSER can be delivered with a variety of different measuring systems and accessories. Examples include: Concentric Cylinders, Double Gap, Cone/Plate, Parallel Plate, Solids Testing in Torsion and Tension, and customized measuring systems for demanding applications.VISCOANALYSER can be upgraded to include measuring programs for Constant Shear Rate, Project, and Analyze. In addition all rheometers can be equipped with our patented, Differential Pressure Normal Force Sensor for quantitative normal stress measurements.

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