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If you are an existing business looking to start a website or a new business exploring the online space - you are in the right space now. We understand websites ! We also know how confusing and difficult it is to decide on your website. How do I go about the process ? How difficult is it ? Who do I talk to ? What about hosting ? How much does it cost ? And the list goes on... At E-Vertex we understand that you need some hand holding. We understand that the decision to select a website service provider is a crucial one. E-Vertex has partnered over a 100 businesses in their quest for online success. In conjunction with we have the learning and support of close to 2000 sites that we have been involved with. Our knowledge, experience and passion help us help businesses across a wide range of industries establish robust online presence. The (E-Vertex Ltd) E-Business Consultation is designed to help individuals with the crucial 'first step' in the establishment of an online business. One of the most commonly overlooked steps in the whole process - the e-business consultation is designed to show you exactly how to complete step one without taking any costly shortcuts. With an E-Business Consultation you can tap into the experience and expertise of a E-Business Consultant and avoid the costly mistakes that come with not taking the 'first step' seriously. Here's how it works ... I will come and meet with you ... someone who has helped many different business owners develop successful websites. I will meet with you either in person or via a teleconference (depending on your location and preference) and spend a couple of hours with you in which time I will do the following: 1. Establish a Sound Understanding Of Your Proposed Online Business The E-Business Consultant will spend some time gaining a sound understanding of the whole concept behind your online business. They will ask lots of questions and will get you to explain exactly what you are looking to do online and how the new venture will work from an operational perspective. 2. Provide Objective Feedback The E-Business Consultant will then provide you with some objective feedback as to the potential of your proposed online business. One of the hardest parts of any new venture is trying to look at the new venture objectively. The outside perspective of an experienced and trusted individual is worth its weight in gold. This one thing, by itself, is worth the small cost of the entire e-business consultation. 3. An Overview of Budget Requirements One of the important parts of any new venture is to figure out early on the likely funds that will be required to get the new venture 'off the ground'. The E-Business Consultant will give you an estimate as to the costs of developing a website for your new venture and the level of funds that are likely to be required to successfully promote the new online business. This is a great opportunity for you and me to get together and discuss some exciting online opportunities.

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