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Is it generating lots of sales leads ? Are you unleashing its full potential ? Could you be doing better ? If these questions are bothering you don't waste another moment. to book your FREE WEBSITE AUDIT or Call me now on 0800 64 64 74 for a full and comprehensive Website Audit...and a refreshing lemonade ! Your website should be a powerful sales and marketing tool. Your website needs to be an asset well placed to produce significant results for your business. Lets face it love and fresh air don't cut it in the business world. Its all about results, market share, share of voice, revenue and communication. An Effective website allows you to create and sustain a valuable business. Especially in today's environment the need for an effective results oriented website is paramount. Another great advantage a website has as a selling tool is that a website is a great non invasive sales tool. It allows your customers the ability to learn detailed information about your products and services in the comfort of their environment without any pressure. A well executed and effective website can make a one man band look like a 5000 man operation. Unfortunately the converse also applies wherein a poor website can make a reputable company look amateurish. Here's how it works .. One of our E-Business Consultants will come and meet with you .. someone who has helped many different business owners significantly improve their websites. They will carefully analyse your website and work out exactly what needs to be done to your website to substantially improve its lacklustre performance. To be a bit more specific .. prior to coming to meet with you they will do the following things. 1. Technical Testing: They will conduct a number of technical tests on your website to test whether there is anything that is holding your website back from a technical perspective. Are there technical faults in your website that are substantially impairing its performance? 2. Content Analysis: They will go through the content on your website and analyse its persuasiveness. Is your content successfully persuading your visitors to take action? And if it is not - where are the 'points of failure' They will then meet with you (either in person or via a teleconference depending on your location and preference) and complete the following. 1. Strategy Review: They will spend some time discussing your website's overall strategy and reviewing it against strategies that we know are consistently generating amazing results online. They will discuss ways that your website strategy could be significantly improved. 2. Promotions Checklist: They will discuss the effectiveness of your current promotional methods and uncover possible new areas of promotion that may currently be untapped. After the meeting is complete, the Consultant will then write up their audit findings into an electronic report. Don't wait another moment ! Call us now to book in your ABSOLUTELY FREE Website Audit. This is an absolutely obligation free offer. We have done hundreds of these Audits across New Zealand and have received only the highest level of feedback on the same. Go on ...carp diem..seize the moment.

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