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By: Zygo Industries  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Environmental Control

O ur products are listed in two major categories: Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) aids which provide voice output, and other Assistive Technologies (AT) which help provide independence to individuals with physical limitations.

Voice output systems for users who spell what they want to say. Messages typed out by the user are read out loud. Many rate enhancements speed up conversations.

Record messages using human voice and play them back to speak. Symbols, pictures, letters, words, or objects on a static overlay represent the stored messages.

Portable tablet style computers running voice output communication software. The "dynamic" feature refers to the changing of pages on electronic displays.

PC software programs which are used for voice output, literacy development, and environmental control. Software can also be used on dynamic display devices or PC's.

Products that support independent living for persons with physical limitations. Includes the ZYGO Voice Amplifier and the GewaTel 200 infrared receiving speaker telephone by Abilia.

Non-standard computer keyboards, head and laser pointers, alternate computer mouse, and switch input adapters.

A partial list of our line of Abilia (GEWA) infrared transmitters and receivers which provide independence and make everyday life easier for people with physical limitations.

An assortment of switches for alternative access and information helpful to selection of mounting systems and mechanisms to accommodate user accessibility.

Credit card size mobile phone, ultra slim, easy put in wallet

Slim and easy portable PC remote controller

Keywords: Environmental Control

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