By: Zotefoams  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Polymers

Zotefoams uses a high-pressure nitrogen gas solution manufacturing process whereby extruded, cross linked polymer sheets are impregnated with pure nitrogen and subsequently expanded in a pressure chamber without the use of moulds.

This unique process produces foams with exceptional cell size uniformity, low odour / high purity and outstanding physical attributes. The AZOTE range of foams is produced from a wide range of polymers, including LDPE, HDPE and PP, as well as EVA copolymers.

Products are available in special grades with flame retardant additives (for the construction and aerospace industries), conductive or static dissipitave properties (for electronics manufacturing and packaging). Foams are produced in a wide density range from 15kg/m³ (1lbs/ft³) up to 120kg/m³ (7.5lbs/ft³).

Zotefoams is using its unique nitrogen expansion technology to foam a variety of advanced polymers, many of which have never been foamed before. The materials such as PVDF, PSU, PPSU, Polyamide and Silicone are classified under the ZOTEK® brand.

By foaming these polymers, Zotefoams adds light weight, buoyancy, flexibility and vastly improved thermal insulation to the original polymers inherent properties.

Keywords: Polymers