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By: Zipblocks  06-Dec-2011

Basic block.

Advanced block.

Block facing.

This illustration shows three different kinds of facing. Infinite types are possible. I.e. one could cast multiple facings that would fit together to form 3-d art representative of Greek, Roman, or Gothic periods. These custom facings would add impressive style to walls and columns. The possibilities are limited only by imagination. The beauty of our facing is the simplicity with which it is applied and the strength with which it connects to walls. Installation requires that you rip a several cuts across the outer surfaces of block or use block with precut grooves. Facing is applied against block such that the retaining plates are embedded within the block and secured by retaining pins that pass thru the retaining plate.

Curve block.

Core Assembly.

Basic Zipblocks interlock via lugs. All other Zipblocks interlock via core assemblies.

There are several different kinds of core assemblies but standard core assemblies are the most popular. Their most recognizable feature is the hollow standard rod.

As you watch the above movie you will be amazed at how practical, simple, and effectively core assemblies are used to interlock Zipblocks together.

Snake block.