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By: Zetaprints  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Graphic Designers, Marketplace

Join our design community to connect directly with consumers and trade customers. Sell designs in our marketplace or give some of your designs away for self-promotion.

We are not a stock website

Selling stock photos and stock illustrations targets your peers – other graphic designers. We target a completely different market of end users – businesses and consumers. They need finished products such as , , , , , , or whatever other gift, marketing and promotional products exist out there.

Your trash is someone’s else treasure

Do you have designs and sketches you made long time ago and have no use for them?

Turn them into templates and let them work for you again and again. You get paid every time someone uses your design and you get your name out there in front of consumers actively looking for designs.

Keywords: Graphic Designers, Marketplace

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Dynamic imaging | Web-to-Print & Dynamic Imaging

ZetaPrints dynamic imaging software generates personalized images on the fly using predefined templates and variable input. It keeps us honest and focused on customer satisfaction and staying relevant to what our customers actually need. Our business model is based on a fixed fee for every image we generate. There are no other fees or charges.


Printers | Web-to-Print & Dynamic Imaging

Our web-to-print software has all the power of very expensive high end web-to-print systems, but doesn’t cost you more than what you get out of it. This is why we see our customers as partners, not as cash cows for maintenance and upgrade fees. We guarantee a positive ROI on web-to-print because all you pay is a fixed fee per order. Are you looking for a web-to-print system to cut costs and help grow your business.


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Spare your advertisers from the pain of preparing creatives and save money with a flat fee per booking. Our web to print software makes it equally easy to place creative print and banner ads. It costs less than what you pay to your in-house designers right now. Is it as easy to advertise with you online or in print. Placing a text ad with Google takes 5 minutes. Updating it takes another 3 minutes.


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Now any staff member can create graphic designs without involving graphic designers with our web-to-print and dynamic imaging service. Sometime it is is too hard to change one because they control your digital assets and provide an online ordering system. Don’t be held hostage by print or advertising providers.