Maintenance Work, Niggling Problems Or Major Hassles

By: Your Local Plumber  06-Dec-2011

Most of the plumbers that you see advertised around the place are similar in sorts to Your Local Plumber.  Plumbers mostly undertake the same type of work, and are trained at similar institutions around the country.  So .. how do you choose the correct plumbing company?

Hi, my name is Andrew Buchanan … but my friends call me Buck (because of my last name,) and I head up Your Local Plumber. My wife and I set up Your Local Plumber because we realized that dealing with a plumber was an absolute nightmare for many people.  The simple fact is this.  Most plumbers turn up late!  … And sometimes not at all!

Your Local Plumber – On Time … Guaranteed!

At Your Local Plumber we make sure that we turn up in within the organized time frame. This makes sure that your valuable time is not wasted. There is nothing worse than sitting around waiting for a tradesperson to arrive at your house, and then having them ring to say it will be tomorrow, the next day or maybe next week. If you are good enough to accept their apology and say that’s ok you will probably find that it will happen again.

At Your Local Plumber, we realize that you waiting for us to arrive all day is not the best way to build a happy cliental and repeat business, so we guarantee that we turn up on time.  If we don’t turn up on time we pay you $50.00, by deducting it off your account.

Your Local Plumber – Satisfaction … Guaranteed!

That’s our promise, but that’s not all you get by calling Your Local Plumber.  But as well as our ‘On Time Guarantee’ we guarantee that the job will be done to your complete satisfaction.  If you aren’t happy with our work then we’ll keep coming back until you are.  And if this does happen, (and it doesn’t happen very often,) you won’t pay anything extra.

Hopefully you are looking at this and saying that we can’t be for real but let me assure you we are. Your Local Plumber is built on ‘word of mouth’ and repeat business.  We realize that in order for you to give us repeat business and tell your friends about us, you need to be very happy with our service.

Senior citizens we are aware that money can be in short supply when you rely mainly on a pension to survive so when you pay on completion Your Local plumber is more than happy to give a ten percent discount of up to the value of fifty dollars on your account.

Your Local Plumber can successfully tackle any of your plumbing problems.  If it’s broken then we can fix it. We also have gasfitters, and drain layers that are able to overcome your problems, leaks, blocks, smells, funny noises etc, Whatever it is – please be assured we are expert problem solvers!

We are a plumbing company that is setting the bar a whole lot higher than you are probably used to. We are the sort of company that your nana used to talk about … friendly, reliable, and always able to get the job done.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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