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By: Xtracarelink  06-Dec-2011
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XtraCareLink - Recruitment Agency


Our  aim  is  to provide a  cost effective staffing solution to the company. Our  main  or chief prerogative will  be  to recruit full  time   staff especially qualified registered  nurses,  for the client from within New  Zealand and  overseas  from countries like South Africa, Canada, India, Zimbabwe and  the  United Kingdom. We comply with  all  statutory requirements of  the New Zealand Nursing Council and  New  Zealand Immigration.

Our  secondary objective is  to  meet the day  to  day  needs of  the client for any  shortages of registered nurses, care givers, chefs, cooks and  cleaners.

We will  also endeavour to  provide the right candidates for the client for any  of  their short

term staffing needs as they become due.

XtraCareLink  will   supply  suitably  trained  staff  who   will   meet  the  client’s  criteria  and specifications detailed in the job  description, taking into  consideration the salary range of the vacancy itself.

We will  keep an  updated and  accurate record of  all  of  the clients vacancies on  our  system. We will  also achieve the requirements of  any  work or additional project associated with  the client with  a  high  standard of  business prowess and  intelligence at  all  times. XtraCareLink will maintain confidentiality, professionalism and  integrity at  all times.

Our feedback and  reporting to the company of our  business dealings is going to be prompt. Approach

As per our company background we  are strategically located in different cities nationally and we   have  our   representatives  in  several  overseas  countries. Our   presence  in  cities  like Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga etc, enables us to  interact with  a broad base of employees in the health sector. This high  level interaction enables us  to have our pulse on  the patterns, trends and  shifts of  the labour market. We are in  touch with  our  vast number of  registered nurses who  are close to  350  nationally. We get to know  first when they want to  change jobs, move to  a  new town and  this   enables us  to find  a  local   solution to  your full  time   staffing needs.

We are always actively recruiting suitably qualified staff from overseas.  This steady stream of   registered  nurses  can   be   absorbed  by   your  facilities.  Our  overseas   recruiters   are strategically networked and  positioned to be  able to  maintain and  increase our numbers of overseas nurses.

We're passionate about our work

We employ dedicated  and  enthusiastic staff who  share our passion for providing the highest quality health care.

We treat our client as individuals

We'll invest time  in getting to know  your organisation, so  that we  can  provide you  with  a bespoke service that best suits your needs. We'll also regularly  seek  feedback  from you,  to find  ways to improve our  service.

We work to the highest standards

We make sure every member of staff has completed appropriate eldercare health training, specific to the needs of each client. The ongoing development of staff is very important to us, and  is regularly reviewed at  staff appraisals.

We're here 24 hours a day,  365  days a year

We have the resources  to respond promptly and  professionally to your staffing needs – our aim is to provide staff within an hour of your request – giving you  peace of mind  24  hours a day,  every day  of the year.

We are a part of you

We don't  just  see ourselves as a supplier, but  as a part of  your organisation: our  success is founded on  our ability to form effective partnerships.  We're proactive and  responsive, often leaving larger and  less agile agencies in our  wake

We have a large database of registered nurses

We are fortunate to have a  database of  over 100  nurses in  the Auckland region alone, with cals coming in  on  a  weekly basis with  inquires from Registered Nurses wanting either full- time  or part-time work.

We have a full rate of 98%

At XtraCareLink we  are dedicated to  our clients and  nurses.   We never give up  on  a shift we will work until  we  have filled  the booking.

We will always bring you  a solution

Keywords: Recruitment, Recruitment Agency