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If you are thinking of going into business or evaluating your business plans. Having the right information up front can save you in the long term. Do you have the answers to questions like; How much turnover do I need? Is your plan viable? Are you going to have enough cash to pay all expenses every month? 

At Xpress accounting we can prepare a cash flow forecast. 

We can provide you with accurate, timely and informative cashflow forecasting reports - allowing you to: 

    • Realise and understand when cash is available 

    • Plan and prepare for expansion, stock control, and taxes 

    • Analyse and anticipate key expenses 

Armed with this information, we'll work with you to develop action strategies to improve your bottom line. 

From Only $350 + GST

If you are setting up in business or purchasing a rental property setting up a company could the structure that you require. At Xpress Accounting before setting up your company we will discuss if this is the best option for you.

Our fee for company formation includes the following.

  • Registration of the your company name with the companies office

  • Incorporation of the company with the companies office.

  • Certificate of incorporation (required for banks)

  • Application for your company IRD number.

  • GST and/or LAQC registration with the IRD.

From only $499 + GST

Financial statements are required by companies and trusts when the books are completed for the year. They provide a record of the financial activity of the company and trust. Financial statements although not required by sole traders or partnerships are useful documents to have. Financial statements are required by organisations who need information on the income you have earned. Institutions like banks require them before assessing you for a loan. If you wish to sell your business having properly prepared financial statements can add value to your business by showing clearly the financial results of the business.

At Xpress Accounting financial statements are prepared as part of your end of year books and are included as part of the service with our monthly service. Our financial statements are prepared to Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (GAAP) and conform with the legal requirements required under the financial reporting act.

Our monthly service provides you with a convenient and easy way to manage your accounts through out the year. Payments are split into monthly payments and includes a 10% discount on our annual fees. We can taylor a monthly package to suit your requirements.

Generally our monthly service will include:

    • Xero subscription

    • Monthly management reports

    • GST returns compiled and filed

    • 3 provisional tax reviews

    • Ongoing IRD management

    • Annual and Personal tax returns as required

    • Annual financial statements

    • Ongoing telephone support

Because your accounting fees are paid throughout the year there is no large end of year accounting fees to worry about. 

Price List - 2010



Base Cost


IR3 Tax return

$175  +gst


IR3 Tax Return (Sole Trader)

$300 +gst


IR4 Tax Return

$400 +gst


IR4 Tax Return LAQC (Rental Property)

$175 +gst


IR4S Shareholder return (per return)

$50 +gst


IR4J Imputation Credit return

$150 +gst


Annual Company Return

$50 +gst


Rental Property (1st Property)

$200 +gst


Rental Property (2nd and subsequent)

$150 +gst


IRD Management &Income Tax advise

$150 +gst


Provisional Tax Advise (3 x per year)

$150 +gst


Income Tax Advise

$200 +gst


Monthly Management Reports (12 per year)

$450 +gst


Financial Statements/Set of Accounts

$350 +gst


GST Return (2 Monthly) - Annual Total

$900 +gst


GST Return (6 Monthly) - Annual Total

$400 +gst


Xero - Lite (up to 5 invoices per month)

$348 +gst ($29 +gst per month)


Xero - Invoice (Unlimited invoicing)

$588 +gst ($49 +gst per month)


Xero - Multicurrency (Unlimited invoicing)

$768 +gst ($64 +gst per month)


Xero - Additional Non GST entity (e.g. Rental)

$120 +gst ($10 +gst per month)


Company Formation (includes Company registration for up to 2 directors GST and IRD registration, Setup consultation)

$500 +gst


Xero Setup/Conversion 

From $300 +gst


Xero Training

From $200 +gst

Base prices serve as a guide only, please contact us for a proper quote. Prices only available when used in set combinations and individual components may not be separately available.

All prices quoted are subject to confirmation at time of registration and / or completion of work. Prices valid January 2010 - subject to change without notice.

A trust provides a valuable way of protecting the assets you have accumulated for the benefit of others. We are able to advise you on your options in regard to trusts.

Like companies trusts require end of year accounts, financial statements and tax returns. If your trust is simple we can provide services to deal with end of year requirements. Trusts that are complex may require more specialist services. We can advise on what your trust requires and when necessary refer you to experts if required.

Having Xpress Accounting as your tax agent offers you the following advantages.
Extension of time - we can file your return up to 31 March of the following year.
Compliance - by keeping you compliant, you will not unnecessarily miss out on filing returns when they are due.
Dealing with the IRD - we can take care of IRD correspondence issues, saving you time & hassle.

As IRD approved tax agents we can assist and prepare the following returns:

Personal Tax Returns (IR3)

Company Tax Returns (IR4)

Trust Returns (IR6)

Partnership Returns (IR7)

Provisional Tax

Rental Property Returns & LAQC returns

GST, goods & services tax

FBT, fringe benefit tax

PAYE, pay as you earn returns

Other tax returns as required

Tax Planning

Provisional Tax - as part of our monthly or annual service we will review your performance at provisional tax time to make sure that your provisional tax is as accurate as possible - this ensures your exposure to IRD liability is kept to a minimum

Purchasing Tax Credits / Tax Pooling - we can assist and recommend purchasing tax credits when appropriate. In the right circumstances this can be a very effective tax planning tool that will save you interest and penalties you might otherwise incur.

Tax Advisory

If necessary we can arrange for specialist tax advisors to help with complex tax issues, IRD audits and future tax planning.

UK Services
As UK personal taxation specialists (see ), our UK Tax Services include:-

    • UK Personal Income Tax Returns - prepared for UK tax residents, NZ tax residents or individuals resident elsewhere
    • UK Rental Property Statements - to be included in UK income tax returns
    • UK Tax Repayment Claims
    • Advice in respect of UK personal tax obligations and liabilities
    • Advice and assistance on the New Zealand / United Kingdom double taxation agreement and tax residency issues 

Xero is an online accounting system designed for small businesses and their advisors. It's simple, smart and secure.

Conditions of contract with Xpress Accounting Limited (XAL)


  1. The client is to provide coded bank statements after the last day of each month or the client is to complete manual or online coding reports and return these no later than the 15th of each month.

  2. The client is to provide details of non bank account transactions i.e. cash and / or credit card by the 15th of each month.

  3. The client is to provide details of cash expenses from the till separately and by the 15th of each month.

  4. In the event that details are not provided by the 15th of the month XAL will not be held responsible for the delay in the filing of any returns or the provision of the monthly report. The client will also be personally responsible for any late filing penalties imposed by the IRD.

  5. Fees for the monthly service may be reviewed annually or at any time deemed necessary by XAL, where the volume or time taken to process accounts is greater than originally anticipated.


  1. The client agrees to provide all information necessary for the proper completion of accounts.

  2. Where GST registered the client agrees to advise XAL of any transactions that do not include GST or where the GST rate is different from the standard GST rate.

  3. The client agrees to pay for any additional work that may result from additional information received after work has commenced and also agrees to pay for any additional work that arises when the information supplied requires manual input or reworking to a standard from which work can commence.

  4. Costs are based on XAL filing returns and completing financial statements by the 31st of March in the year following the tax year being completed. Xpress accounting reserves the right to charge additional fees when the client requests earlier completion of tax returns and or financial statements.

  5. The client agrees that XAL, its agents or its employees, are not responsible for any penalties and/or interest arising from matters beyond its control, including the late or non provision of necessary information, written or verbal.

  6. The client agrees that the price given is an estimate, not a quote; XAL reserves the right to review the estimate should the actual work necessary be markedly different from what was expected.

  7. Annual or one off fees quoted may be reviewed from time to time and adjusted in accordance with annual adjustments.

  8. Payment is required before the filing of any returns. XAL may at its discretion file returns prior to payment being received.

  9. This contract shall remain in force until cancelled in writing by either party. The client agrees to pay the fees for any work commenced before the cancellation of the contract.

Client relationship
with the IRD

  1. The client authorises XAL to contact the IRD to discuss any matters as deemed necessary.

  2. The client understands that all relevant documentation is to be retained by the client for a minimum of 6 years from the end of the year in which the relevant tax return is filed.

  3. The client understands that it they and not XAL who are legally responsible for the correct, complete and timely filling of all tax returns with the IRD.

  4. XAL, as an authorised tax agent of the client, persons or entities named on this form, may at its discretion sign tax returns on behalf of such persons or entities and submit such returns to the IRD. The client agrees to indemnify any employee, director or contractor of XAL from any costs that may arise as a result of being held liable by IRD from the signing any such return. Further the client agrees that any such indemnity will include any expense incurred by XAL as a direct result of any such action from the IRD.

  5. The client agrees to be liable for any fees that may arise as result of any investigation from the IRD. Any time spent on behalf of the client in respect to IRD audits and/or investigations will be charged to the client and normal payment conditions shall apply.

  6. In the event that client does not remain compliant with the IRD, XAL at its discretion may cancel any authority held with the IRD and any such action does not alter the conditions of contract between the client and XAL.

Conditions / Terms of

  1. Monthly/Xero Service : The client agrees to pay monthly fee's on the 1st of each month (or as otherwise agreed)

  2. In the event that an agreed monthly fee is not paid, Xpress Accounting reserves the right to cancel any online/data capture subscription and the client agrees to pay any associated costs with re-instating the subscription(s) and also pay any outstanding charges.

  3. Annual Fees and other charges : The client agrees to pay with-in 7 days of invoice.

  4. The client accepts personal responsibility for and personally guarantees payment for all accounts. The client is also personally responsible for any account in the event of the failure to pay by any other party for whom the client has engaged the services of XAL.

  5. The client agrees that in the event that any account is not paid within 7 days, XAL may without further reference to the client, register a PPSR for the outstanding debt, charge late payments penalties and interest and further may refer the account to a debt collection agency. Any additional charges from the debt collection agency are the responsibility of the client.

  6. Any objections or disputes in respect to fees charged or work completed must be made in writing and received by XAL within 14 days of invoice date.

Client Confirmation

  1. I confirm that I have had all sections of this form explained to me and agree to pay fees that are charged. I also have read the conditions of contract, received explanations where necessary and agree the terms as stated above. I also confirm that I have the authority to act for all persons/organisations named on this registration form.

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Keywords: Accounting, Financial Statements, Gst