WorkPro Services

By: Workpro  06-Dec-2011

WorkPro's main objective is to centralise key employment processes to make it as simple and easy as possible for individuals to become (and keep) work-ready, and allow employers to make rapid employment decisions based on thorough, accurate and relevant information.

While web-based training and pre-employment screening is nothing new, what is fundamentally unique about WorkPro is its portability. Once an individual has registered for WorkPro, and completed any screening process or training, the results are portable from one agency or one employer to the next, negating the need to keep re-doing the same processes, and completing the same paperwork. Any employer can securely view and validate an individual's 'worker profile' with the permission of the individual.

Services include:

Easily integrated into existing HR and recruitment systems, employers can choose particular single services that suit their business needs, or utilise our entire suite of services to deliver a more efficient employment screening program.