Save the Children Shop - Tree saplings

By: Wishlist  06-Dec-2011

When these saplings grow into fruit trees, a family will have nutritious food and will be able to sell any spare food at the local market.

The fruit from four trees alone can raise enough money to help a child through an entire term at school.

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Save the Children Shop - Chickens

The improvement to a child’s diet, or is it the money that comes from selling eggs and chicks that can lift a family out of poverty. Either way this flock of chickens will be laying a more secure future for a family in need.


Save the Children Shop - A pair of shoes for a child

Many schools make footwear compulsory, so not having shoes can also stop a child from getting an education. In so many countries, a pair of shoes is a luxury that’s simply too expensive. You will help a child walk all the way to school. Your gift is so much more than a pair of shoes.