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By: Windscreen-repairs  06-Dec-2011

This certificate assures you that the damage has been repaired in accordance with the law.

You may be asked to produce this certificate when obtaining a WOF.

One of the most common questions we are asked about windscreen repairs is:

QUESTION : What is the largest size of crack or chip you can repair?

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Whilst it is a good idea not to leave valuables in the vehicle, we still see lots of vehicles having been broken into where nothing was in the vehicle. Don’t assume that a paid car parking building will guarantee no break-ins. The best advice we can offer to help prevent this type of car break-in. Car theft or damage seems to be more common in Auckland lately. We go to HEAPS of jobs in parking buildings. We see plenty of it.

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Windscreens Auckland – Mobile Workshop Service for Windscreen Repairs, Windscreen replacements and shattered window replacement. Windscreen replacement is one of our specialties and we can replace most windscreens in around one-hour. Our mobile service is fully equipped to repair or replace any glass in your car. Our mobile glaziers go all over Auckland to repair & replace windscreens.


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So far, the Nissan Motor company have released three models of Nissan Primera, designated by the beginning of their chassis codes. If your Nissan Primera needs a windscreen repair or replacement, give us a call on 0800 663 225. We stock the front windscreens for all these models.