By: Wild Country  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Sauces, Extra Virgin Olive, Olive Oils

Wild Country produce a range of tasty chutneys, jams, relishes, pickles and more; introducing New Zealanders to new tastes. Our products are all natural. We use only the best ingredients and no artificial colours or preservatives in our products. Our products are natural and free from any artificial colours or preservatives. Extra Virgin Olive Oils Extra Virgin Olive Oils Vinegars Large Gourmet Petites Extra Virgin Olive Oils Gourmet Petites Infused Balsamic Vinegars Mustards Chutneys Aiolis Wild Rubs Outdoor Gourmet Range of Dressings Sauces Marmalatas BBQ Gourmet Sauces Jams Spreads Curds Vinaigrettes Citrus Twist Dressing Range Pancake Syrups Desert Sauces Hospitality Bulk Packaging Grilling Drizzles

Wild Country now uses exclusively New Zealand pressed extra virgin olive oil in all our products.

Our range of extra virgin olive oils are available in a range of different blends to suit every taste. Ideal as dipping oils, for use in homemade mayonnaise or use to baste meats on the grill. Brush homemade breads or use in bread or pizza dough. Brush or drizzle on vegetables such as potatoes, kumara, pumpkin or when grilling zucchini or aubergine on the barbecue.

Our range of vinegars are available in two blends to suit every taste and are ideal for use as salad dressings.

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