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By: Wielding Words  05-Apr-2012
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Wielding Words offers both copy editing and proofreading services (see below for detailed descriptions).Chris can work with Microsoft Word documents (using Track Changes), PDF files (using annotation tools), hard-copy manuscripts (using proofreading symbols) and web pages (using a separate document to communicate changes).He is also happy to work to a particular style guide, or produce a style sheet if
you need one.Copy editingCopy editing (also known as book editing or sub editing) is the process of correcting and improving text, as well as ensuring what is known as style consistency in a document.It involves tasks such as    - Correcting errors of spelling, punctuation, grammar and usage
- Improving sentence structure
- Eliminating wordiness
- Removing unnecessary jargon or clichés
- Ensuring consistency of point of view
- Checking for continuity of plot or theme
- Checking for accuracy and fairness
- Ensuring vocabulary and format are appropriate for the intended audience
- Ensuring consistency of style elements, such as headings and fonts.Different documents require different levels of copy editing, depending on the quality of the writing to begin with, specific publisher requirements, time, budget and a number of other factors.Ultimately, copy editing is about more than correcting spelling and punctuation—it is about ensuring the author’s message reaches its target audience with maximum clarity and impact.In the publishing process, copy editing comes before proofreading.ProofreadingTechnically, proofreading is the comparing of two documents: an early version (draft) of a document that has been ‘marked up’ by a copy editor and an updated version (proof) that incorporates the copy editor’s suggested changes. This is to ensure that all of the changes have been included, and that no further, significant errors have crept into the text or been missed. Most people, however, understand the term to mean the checking of a single document for typographical, spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. This is known as blind or editorial proofreading, although, editorial proofreading tends to blur into copy editing. (Generally, proofreading only includes the correcting of black-and-white errors, not the improvement of the text, as copy editing does.)Wielding Words can perform any of these variations of proofreading.  

Keywords: Book Editing, Proofreading, Proofreading and Copy Editing, Spelling Grammar

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