By: Widespan  06-Dec-2011

As you will see from this website, at Widespan Buildings we are dedicated to producing innovative and effective solutions.

We work with clients, end users and builders to ensure that the building created is not only the best solution for the customers needs now, but also has future proofing built in. This could be in the form of a design that is expandable to allow for growth or in a completely re-locatable design, engineered for strength, but also allows for dismantling and relocation to another site, or another country.

Our buildings incorporate ideas that mean the design is inherently stable in high wind situations, ensuring that claddings remain in place throughout the life of the building.

Our philosophy is one of constant improvement and development which means we are always working on the latest technology, always developing our systems and always improving our quality and customer satisfaction.

Our experience in the construction industry allows us to offer you a complete service. We can project manage the construction of your building from the drawing board to the first day of your occupancy and beyond.

Many companies boast of being ‘solution providers’ but few offer the level of innovation and understanding of customer needs that we take pride in doing at Widespan Buildings.

We stand by our UBET moto - you bet you won't find a more capable company than Widespan Buildings.