Wibu-Systems products: protect software and digital content, manage software licenses etc

By: Wibu-systems  06-Dec-2011


CodeMeter® protection technology from Wibu-Systems offers secure protection and effective license control for software and digital documents. At the core of CodeMeter® is secure copy protection hardware.

Your benefits:

  • Both software- and hardware-based protection and licensing solutions
  • Standardized yet flexible:
  • Standardized system for dongle and software-based activations
  • Standardized support for all PC operating systems and a wide range of embedded operating systems
  • Straightforward integration into ERP systems
  • Worldwide support and competent service covering all aspects of the product
  • Quality product made in Germany
  • Tested in the Hacker's Contest
  • Patented technology with guaranteed availability for many years to come


WibuKey is our more than 20 year old, tried and tested dongle solution to protect your software. Moreover it comes in a variety of hardware form factors for most PC interfaces and all operating systems. Its availability is guaranteed for many years to come.

You can use WibuKey to protect your single-user license, or floating licenses in a network. The insides of the WibuKey can be flexibly modified via a secure remote programming interface.

Other products and services from Wibu-systems


Digital Content Protection Solutions - Wibu-Systems

A single system can be used to protect a whole range of applications: from mobile phones, through embedded software and production data in machines and systems to desktop PC platforms. WibuKey, CodeMeter®, and CmActLicense allow you to implement a flexible and comprehensive license management system for single users, pay-per-use, overflow, etc.


Software protection services - consulting, training, support, operations

No matter whether its technical advice you need about how to integrate our products into your system, or you just want to develop new protection or licensing strategies for your product, our consultants are the right people to ask. We never lose sight of the objective: protecting your intellectual property which in turn leads to increased profits from the successful global distribution of your software products.