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By: Who Is Where  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Direct Marketing

Data is a simple matter, but not primitive.

We know Business Contact Data like nobody else by simply walking streets and talking to them on the phone every 121 days. Commonsense, ability to do basics well and innovative methodology of data gathering and maintenance are the essential ingredients of our success. Experts at E-ideas Ltd will help you with all aspects of direct marketing, including:

*/ There is a phenomenal confusion on the market place that if you have a correct address your mail will reach the recipient. WRONG!
With over 25% of businesses moving, closing, merging every year what matters most is: are they still at the same address?
Plus approximately 37% of management is changing every year too! So chances are that even while you may have the address recorded correctly, you may be sending to the wrong person!
That's why we offer data validation. ONLY once you know the business is still at this address and the person is still there, it makes sense to ensure address is recorded to NZ Post standards. It's sad to see when we receive a list after address cleansing, we have to recommend removal of up to 20% of data and change 20-40% of addresses.

Keywords: Direct Marketing