Whitestone Contracting Ltd Plant & Materials

By: Whitestone  06-Dec-2011

Whitestone Contracting Ltd Plant & Materials

To offer you continuously high standards WCL maintains a fleet of modern plant & equipment. With a wide variety and significant investment in plant recently you can rest assured all our results have the future in mind and that can be only a good thing for you.

When you need a job done it’s important that the right plant and machinery are utilised. By owning over 200 items of modern plant and machinery you should expect the best, and that’s what you’ll get with:

Light – Heavy Trucks
Tractor Units
Tractor Mowers in various sizes
Underbody Spreaders
Water Carts
Truck Mounted Road Brooms
Excavators (1.2 – 22 tonne)
Light – Heavy Trailers
4 Axle Semi Trailer (55 tonne loading)

Specialised Equipment

Greenwaste & Branch Chipper
Longreach Roadside Mower
Directional Borer Pumps
Street Sweeper
Bitumen Sprayer
Truck mounted drainage camera-waterblaster-root cutting machine
Cable Locator for location of underground services
Ice Gritting Spreaders
Trench Fillers (side delivery)
Road Sign Hire

Plant Workshops at both the Deborah and Fairlie depots are there to service and maintain all plant and equipment.

‘Dust, Fines, Sand, Soil, Chip, Gravel, Stones, Rocks… ’

The hardest part for you is making the choice on which material is right for you and your project. Sourcing the material is as simple as picking up the phone with your selection and choosing whether you get it delivered (in 2m3, 3m3, 4m3 or 6m3 truck loads) or pop into any one of our depots and getting the ute, truck, or trailer filled up!

White Gravel – roading and unsealed driveways
Fine mix white gravel – suitable for cow lanes
Crushed Gravel Grades
Decorative Jet Black Chip – sealed driveways
Large Stone and Pitrun
Bedding Sand
Concrete Premix
Crusher Dust
Limestone Fines – landscaping and driveway
Screened and Unscreened topsoil
Bark nuggets and chips
Landscaping rock in various sizes

Other products and services from Whitestone


Whitestone Contracting Ltd Civil Works, Roading/Paths/Driveway Maintenance & Construction

If you’re thinking of developing some land into more then just a bit of grass and soil then consider what we can do for you. The Waitaki and surrounding districts have what seems like an endless supply of roads to travel down. Grading of driveways and tracks.


Whitestone Contracting Ltd Waste Management & Landfills

We also own a solid fill site at Beach Road Oamaru (Contact 0800109101 for enquiries on disposal at our Beach Road Site. Whitestone Contracting Limited operates the Oamaru and Palmerston Landfills on behalf of the Waitaki District Council.