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By: Western Aggregates  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Concrete Products, Crushed Concrete

Once we process your waste concrete or soil, it is then available as quality product suitable for a number of uses. Our crushed concrete products can be used for bulk filling, such as new house or factory bases, new driveway preps, existing driveway repairs, drainage projects, retaining walls, site access etc.

The soil products we produce can be used for building up new lawn areas, filling exterior retaining walls, and especially our screened finishing soil which is suitable for new lawns or repairing old ones.
AP 40 Crushed

Suitable for basefills, driveway preps, site access

Product No:



$22.00 per tonne + gst


AP40/AF Crushed Concrete

Similar to our AP40, but with added fines to assist with compactionProduct No: AP40/AF
Price: $22.00 per tonne + gst
AP20 Crushed Concrete (20mm all in) Crushed concrete fines produced via a 20mm screening grid. Very popular for finishing off. alternativeProduct No: AP20
Price: $25.00 per tonne + gst
40/20 Crushed Concrete Crushed concrete ranging in size from 20mm to 40mm. This product is dry screened to remove fines and may be suitable for retaining wall work or access on muddy sites.Product No: 40/20
Price: $25.00 per tonne + gst
Screened Finishing Soil Topsoil screened via 16mm grid. Suitable for lawns, gardens, etcProduct No: Scrn Soil
Price: $26.10 per m3 + gst
Other Products We also have a range of other products such as, landscaping rocks, graded fill, bulk fill sand etc. If you have a project in mind, give us a call to discuss.
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Keywords: Concrete Products, Crushed Concrete