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An enduring power of attorney is a document where you appoint who you would like to make decisions on your behalf when you are no longer able to.

People think their family will take over if they are no longer able to manage their own affairs - or their Will would come into effect. Unfortunately this isn't true.

That's why we recommend you appoint someone as your enduring power of attorney. That way you have the peace of mind knowing a person you trust will be making important decisions for you when you're not able to.

The key thing with the law is the person who accepts the role as an enduring power of attorney has to show that they have taken an interest in that person in actively ensuring their welfare is taken care of.

Or contact The Public Trust for more information on 0800 371-471.
Cnr Mawhera Quay & Tainui St
Telephone: 0800 371 471

The Office for Senior Citizens mail address is:

The Office for Senior Citizens
Ministry of Social Development Campus
PO Box 1556
New Zealand

Phone: 64 4 916 3758
Fax: 64 4 916 3778.

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In this section you can find out useful information about our various West Coast DHB Health Service Providers. Health providers are sorted into their geographical regions to help you locate them easily.


Franz Josef Health Clinic - West Coast DHB

If you are staying in Franz Josef Glacier for any length of time, and you fit the eligibility criteria, we encourage you to enrol with the practice as a way of keeping your health care costs down. As we are also involved with the 111 emergency service, appointment times may need to be changed at short notice. The nearest X-ray facility and Emergency Department is at Grey Base Hospital in Greymouth.


Introducing Oral Health Services in the West Coast region

Services are predominantly provided by private dentists who are contracted with the WCDHB, services are also provided through mobile clinics in rural areas. Free regular check-ups and treatment are available through this service, including topical fluoride varnishes for children at risk of tooth decay. This service includes children from school Year 1 to school Year 8 and is provided by dental therapists through community and mobile clinics.