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By: Wellness Centre  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Natural Therapies, Health Risks

SERVICESPrevention and Wellness Programmes
Integrative Medicine is the medicine of tomorrow - for you today.
You can minimise health risks and maximise your quality of life by choosing from our specially designed assessment and treatment programmes

Comprehensive wellness assessment
This comprehensive programme assesses not only your current health problems but also future disease risks, lifestyle and nutritional issues and your current biological age using a unique Bioaging Assessment Programme. Routine and specialised laboratory testing is used to assess toxic loads and disease risks including genetic testing when indicated. At the end a detailed report and treatment plan is offered. This can include a programme to manage decline in hormonal health for full anti-aging benefitsExamples of reports can be found by clicking the links below:

Cardiovascular risk assessment
You receive a specialised cardiovascular assessment highlighting your risk using expanded markers of cardiovascular risk factors. This includes a detailed report on strategies using natural therapies and medication for optimising your cardiovascular health.

Your toxic load is assessed and a suitable detoxification program is recommended. You benefit from optimal body function, disease prevention, energy enhancement and weight control. This includes hair and urine analysis for toxin assessment and blood tests to identify food allergies as needed.

Weight management
You can achieve healthy weight using our advanced concepts of diet, detoxification and nutritional supplementation. This programme is unlike any other available as it incorporates individual uniqueness and is aimed at healthy weight reduction that is long-term.

Hormonal Assessment and Balancing
A comprehensive hormonal assessment using blood, saliva or urine as appropriate will help to manage several conditions related to hormonal imbalances like PMS, thyroid illness, menopause, andropause (male menopause) and hormone related cancers.

Keywords: Health Risks, Natural Therapies