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By: Yonix  06-Dec-2011

Don’t get frustrated get Yonix

Get started quickly

The intuitive design empowers teams to amplify their abilities without a paradigm shift in the way they work. BA’s who use MS Word to capture, manage and communicate requirements can make the transition to Yonix without fundamentally changing their process. Yonix has meticulously incorporated the voice of the global BA community into the software design; to insure that our product can handle today’s most complex projects while remaining user friendly and agile. This allows outside stakeholders to contribute to projects on Yonix without the need for lengthy training courses.                                

Higher level of engagement and relevant contribution

Yonix understands that stakeholder input is a critical factor with any project. Stakeholders can simultaneously be invited to contribute, review and validate areas specifically related to their expertise. Yonix has designed it’s pricing structure to allow outside stakeholder to contribute to a project without additional charges. Other software companies charge expensive licensing fees per project member.

Mitigate risk of failure

The most common causes of project failure result from missing or poorly defined requirements, unrealistic schedules or expectations, and scope creep. Yonix can help teams overcome these potential obstacles though enhanced team collaboration from the start of a project. Yonix allows teams to prioritize requirements to get the important stuff done first and increase speed to market.

Efficiently manage changes

At Yonix we understand the challenges BA’s face dealing with changing requirements. Requirements often need to evolve though the development process to insure customers are satisfied. Yonix provides teams with an effective tool for insuring the right requirement changes are made while keeping the all stakeholders in sync throughout the process. Yonix reduces friction and adds clarity to the requirements process and helps teams avoid costly miscommunications. The traceability feature makes it easy to go back in time to see how decisions were made and why.

Save time and money with Yonix

Yonix empowers BA’s to work faster and more efficiently towards development goals. With Yonix handling the nitty-gritty details, less time is wasted doing the boring stuff and more time can be allocated to what is important.

Take customer understanding to the next level

Gain a clear and continuous understanding of what customers want in requirements though the cohesive communication platform Yonix provides. Stay continuously updated to ensure what’s built is what was planned.

Increase speed to market

Speed to market is becoming increasingly important in today’s fast paced business environment. The agile approach that Yonix has incorporated into software design allows teams to reach development goals quickly and effectively. With Yonix teams spend less in group meetings sorting though details that are only relevant to certain individuals.

Free first project

We are pleased to offer the industry’s only first-project-free trial. We are confident that you and your team will notice measurable changes in customer satisfaction, quality assurance ratings, revenue, cost savings, and speed to market. After experiencing the benefits, we will invite you to join our list of satisfied customers.

Advance team productively and advance your career

Be a super BA, empower you team to work more efficiently though the development process. Gain recognition from your project team and management as the initiator of a cost saving process.

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Any number of stakeholders can edit each document in parallel, with all versions saved for later reference. Create sub goals and requirements and track them all the way up to the top level requirements. Configure Calm to support your own practice or best practice out of the box methodology. Import templates from a growing library of Project Management and BA methodologies.


Yonix » Customer success story

How Yonix helped New Zealand’s Capital City Council implement a stakeholder collaboration and communication platform to improve the management of requirements projects. A customer will be able to apply for a consent, track the progress of the consent, book meetings and inspections and pay for the consent online.