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By: Yonix  06-Dec-2011

  • Run multiple projects concurrently, each configured to support a standard process or different processes
  • Create project objectives and link them back to organisation objectives
  • Track project requirements in progress
  • Add all your organisation and project goals, tasks, objectives, & functional and non funcitonal requirements
  • Create sub goals and requirements and track them all the way up to the top level requirements.
  • Add requirements to one or more Collaborative Documents and edit them in line.
  • Select a document template from our growing library, duplicate a previous document, or create a blank one. 
  • Invite any or all stakeholders to add, edit and update each document. 
  • Any number of stakeholders can edit each document in parallel, with all versions saved for later reference.
  • Publish Collaborative Documents for traceability
  • Upload documents, files, images and add links to one central repository 
  • Attach anything in the library to goals & requirements or link to them in Collaborative Documents. 
  • Add new versions of documents, links & files and your changes will be reflected throughout Calm.
  • Add all internal and external stakeholders and assign them to relevent projects 
  • Assign permissions and roles & responsibilities to stakeholders across projects 
  • Notify all relevent stakeholders of any changes and updates to any information managed in Calm.
  • Create your own templates & processes and reuse them across other projects
  • Configure Calm to support your own practice or best practice out of the box methodology
  • Import templates from a growing library of Project Management and BA methodologies

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Yonix has meticulously incorporated the voice of the global BA community into the software design; to insure that our product can handle today’s most complex projects while remaining user friendly and agile. We are confident that you and your team will notice measurable changes in customer satisfaction, quality assurance ratings, revenue, cost savings, and speed to market.


Yonix » Customer success story

How Yonix helped New Zealand’s Capital City Council implement a stakeholder collaboration and communication platform to improve the management of requirements projects. A customer will be able to apply for a consent, track the progress of the consent, book meetings and inspections and pay for the consent online.