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By: Yonix  06-Dec-2011
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How Yonix helped New Zealand’s Capital City Council implement a stakeholder collaboration and communication platform to improve the management of requirements projects.

In Wellington, the Capital of New Zealand, the City Council has adopted Yonix to enhance productivity and team efficiency.

The City Council often takes on projects with a large number of requirements. As a result, handling requirements can be a daunting task, especially when teams are spread out over several locations and specifications are often changing. 

The City Council has historically used Microsoft Word and IBM DOORS as tools for requirements activities. The interface of these tools did not support a collaborative way of sharing and tracking changes. As a result time was often wasted generating documents, making formatting changes and controlling different versions.

After an investigation of available software, WCC chose Yonix as the best software solution based on several criteria. They needed online software that could facilitate a collaborative approach to requirement documentation. Using Yonix enables users to connect all of the different aspects of the requirements together. The cohesive platform allows team members to discuss ideas, resolve conflicts and get valuable feedback all in one Yonix project. WCC also required a tool that was intuitive and easy to use by stakeholders without the need for long training sessions. The unique template upload feature, easy Word output and the ability to share images and files to support documents made Yonix a clear choice as the best software solution.

Kate Fox is a Business Analyst using Yonix to improve the project development process at WCC.

What are the goals of the projects you’re managing within Yonix?  Tell us a little about your role and the new project your team is working on?

 “Currently I’m working on a project that will deliver an online consenting solution.  A customer will be able to apply for a consent, track the progress of the consent, book meetings and inspections and pay for the consent online. Right now we’re looking at a solution for building consents, but we plan on expanding into several areas such as dog registration for example”

How large are your projects in terms of requirements & size of team?

 “There are hundreds of requirements, and as the Business Analyst of the team I need to collaborate with several subject matter experts.”

Why did you like Yonix?  How is Yonix helping you be more successful?

“We chose Yonix because it is web based and collaborative so you can share things really easily, plus it can export to Word really well to for people who want to see paper based versions.”

 “The thing that I like about Yonix is the ability to put in context around the requirements.  Using the narrative sections within collaborative documents, we are able to provide context and background information to specific requirements. Using Yonix as a repository, we are able to attach relevant documents, diagrams and files which support requirements. This functionality was not available in DOORS.”

Does using Yonix save you time compared to previous methods?

“Yonix is definitively more efficient in document generation, I love the interface to Word, and just being able to push a button and generate professional requirements documents is a very powerful function. We can also upload a template into Yonix to start a project using a standardized approach from pervious projects”     

How adaptable is Yonix to different projects?

“Yonix is very flexible, I can use it for all my projects. It’s a great tool for any document that uses requirements.”

Has the collaborative approach helped your team manage the project?

“Yes, we are going to use Yonix collaboratively by inviting more people in from outside our team to contribute to the project.”

Were there any obstacles getting started on Yonix?

“I was able to learn Yonix quickly just fumbling around on it. I also got a live demonstration from Jody and that helped to get me started quickly.”

The experience WCC had using Yonix demonstrates how using the right software can help improve efficiencies in the development process. The ability to share information in a central location with supporting files and documents helped ad clarity and cohesion to the process.

Yonix has been developed by meticulously incorporating the voice of the global BA community into software design. Our dedicated commitment to understanding problems faced by organizations like WCC is what gives our product design an edge on competitors.

Keywords: Business Analyst

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Yonix has meticulously incorporated the voice of the global BA community into the software design; to insure that our product can handle today’s most complex projects while remaining user friendly and agile. We are confident that you and your team will notice measurable changes in customer satisfaction, quality assurance ratings, revenue, cost savings, and speed to market.