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By: World Sweet World  06-Dec-2011

What is your motivation behind making sustainable fashion decisions?
Getting ready for the Mayoral campaign has been a learning curve I’ve relished. As well as explaining new policy and good achievements like safer cycling, light rail, computer access for refugees, cleaner city harbour, ultrafast broadband, Fairtrade Capital and community gardens, now I have to dress to show I can lead the city, without sacrificing my values – or over-spending. Fortunately, choosing clothes can be fun and sustainable!

How do you go about finding the right stuff?
After a few colour tips from Samantha Hannah, I met some very sympathetic Wellington fashion designers and added to my op shop collections. A quick explore when I’m passing the Salvation Army in Rintoul St, Taranaki St or Tawa is usually worthwhile, even for basics like jeans. In more up-market spots in Cuba Street like the Recycle Boutique or, for something really special, Ziggurat, I often find a beautiful bargain. Jewelry is either a few well-loved pieces from my mother, made by myself or sourced from Trade Aid for a splash of colour.

What did you score in your latest quest?
I wanted smart pieces in cream so I enjoyed choosing a linen jacket from Untouched World, a silk shirt from Starfish and an end-of-line bargain from Voon. I’m sure these choices will last me for many years. Janet Dunn has set up ReDunn Fashions to up-cycle pre-loved clothing and I bought this amusing jacket at her first soirée. Natural fabrics, recycled gear and new ethical items make a happy combination -lovely clothes and good businesses.

Left: Full-length-jacket $17 from Salvation Army, Taranaki St. Suit from Secondo, Tinakori Rd. Beads from my mother. Shoes – I think I got married in these!
Right: This was at the Brooklyn Community Gardens last weekend, planting a tamarillo I took from my home garden. Andrea Moore top from the Brooklyn Frock Schwap. Scarf from mother. Trousers from some Salvation Army store.

Left: Janet Dunn jacket
Right: Jacket from the 6th Annual Preloved Fashion Sale. Silk blouse (feels fabulous!) from Starfish. Beads from Trade Aid.


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The construction I built inside the box had to be sturdy and smooth enough for the drawers to sit and run on easily.Basically, you need two rails running front to back for each drawer, and two sturdy crossbars per drawer that the rails sit on FIG 1.


Your DIY/MIY source for sustainable living, craft and design

Cut a rectangle of black fabric about the same size as the seat, and, turning the edges under as you go, staple this on to the bottom of the seat, covering the staples and untidy edges that you just made. Put a couple of staples in the middle of all four sides, further in than the existing staples you see. You’re aiming to have nice smooth corners without visible gathers, when it’s looked at from the top.


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