Website Development

By: Webalite  05-Apr-2012

Website Development

Building sites is what we do. We will recommend an appropriate technology for your project, plan it out, and start building.

The first stage of development is planning. Call me old school but we can work out a lot of stuff with pen and paper before we start writing any code.

We use a number of different tools for the job. We have different skills here so we can recommend an appropriate solution for your project. Also, because we are all interested in different areas of the process we can offer you solutions during, and after, the project.

All code is tested throughout the development process to ensure the website displays consistently on Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 7 and even Internet Explorer 6, Firefox (Mac and PC) and Safari.

Throughout the development process the site will also be monitored for errors and warnings using specialised web tools. This ensures the website will display consistently for users and “spiders” programs which index the website content for the search engines.

If your project is for a New Zealand Government Department or Non Government Organisation (NGO) we will develop within the recommendations set out in the NZ Government Web Standards (see for more information). If we recommend anything that doesn't comply with the standards we will et you know why and what the implications are.

Some of the projects that we have developed include:

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Because we're geeks that do this kinda stuff all the time we may be able to offer you a solution which you don't see listed here. SEO - Search Engine Optimisation.


Online Marketing

It's the same as building a shop, in a cheap location so the rent's affordable, and wondering why you don't have people clambouring through the doors. Remeber, it's cheaper, easier and more effective to market to your existing customers than it is to acquire new customers so let's start there. Some of our online marketing projects include. Marketing is important for any business.


Website and Email Hosting

Also we can offer dedicated servers which give you the benefit of being the only one using the server. Please call for a quote.