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By: Waikanae Plastics  06-Dec-2011
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Customising Options

  • From A3 to A5 formats
  • Grades and Colours
  • Both 'O' and 'D' ring styles
  • Open Overlays if required
  • Horizontal or Vertical - Clear or Opaque Pockets
  • Internal or External Business Card or CD pockets
  • Encapsulation of Inserts
  • Screen Printing
  • Foil Blocking
  • Embossing
  • Foam Inserts
As these products are many and so varied the requirements for customising need to be discussed with us. In general terms the following options can be applied to most of our product range.
  • Grades and Colours
  • Screen Printing
  • Encapsulation of Inserts
  • Foil Blocking
  • Embossing
  • Foam Inserts
  • Screen Printing
  • Die Cutting
  • Grades and Colours

Grades & Colours

Vinyl Products

We have access to all the colours available to the NZ market place and can even provide, given time and subject to quantity, an exact colour match to a specified PMS colour. The thickness of vinyl's available range from 0.25 - 0.3mm the thicker grades provide a feeling of quality as well as adding to the strength of the product. We are happy to provide a swatch of the colour options available.

For Polypropylene Items

This is available in 0.6, 0.8, 1.4 and 1.9mm the thicker grades are unsuitable for boxes and data cases in most cases however they provide a fantastically durable option for ring binders. The colour options are for ever being updated but swatches can be provided to indicate what is currently available.

Screen Printing

The following information is intended for you, or your graphic designer, in presenting your artwork for processing it provides you with a guide but we strongly recommend that you check the exact sizes and requirements with us before going to press. All of our vinyl and polypropylene products can be screen printed onto.

Spot Colour

We work with spot colours this simply means areas of solid colour with specific PMS colours. Different colours can be applied adjacent to each other but shading and digital effects can not be achieved in-house. We are however always happy to out-source this work on your behalf if required.

Colour Match
Indicate the colours you require by specifying each Pantone Colour and associated PMS number.

Be aware, too, that dark coloured vinyl is difficult to print on exactly to specification and may require additional operations that result in increasing screening charges.

Film Work

We ask you to provide positive film work, right way reading and emulsion up, a 65 dot/line is required. Courser dots are permissible but finer are not. IF you are unable to provide film work to our specification, then we can arrange this for you at additional cost. Register marks must be on base art.

Layout for Ring Binders

We have provided here information which allows you to plan the size of your images for printing onto binders however if you are organizing your own film work we would need to provide you with a clear impression of the binder concerned in order for you to produce the images in the correct position. The available image area is smaller that the actual size of the cover and spine of the binder and is as follows.

A4, A3 and A5 Binder Screen Printing

Ring Binder Inserts

Many of our customers ask us to encapsulate their graphically designed inserts into the binders we make for them. This enables you to provide full colour imagery to your product without the restrictions that screen printing imposes.

Below is a list of the most common binders together with the actual insert trimmed sizes. We are more than happy to trim down to this size if required. Your printer will need this information.

We would ask for a minimum of 150gsm and a maximum of 250gsm stock. In general terms thicker inserts provide a better quality end result.

All the binders we manufacture can be provided with trapped inserts for those not listed above just call us for the required size.

A4, A3 and A5 Ring Binder Inserts

Ring Mechanisims

These are available in two styles either 'O' or 'D' in shape.

D rings ensure that the edges of the content to the binder remain flush

O rings are for ease of turning the content sheets.

They range in the number of rings from 2 to 4 although speciality mechanisms with a larger number of rings are also available.

D and O Ring Mechanisims

Additional Customisation Options

Foam Inserts

These provide a feeling of depth and quality to our products, they are especially popular in the manufacture of our hotel and motel compendiums but can be used in ring binders and many of our general products.


This is a process which presents your wording or image 'sunk' into the vinyl thus giving it a 3-D effect. It can be especially effective when used in conjunction with a foam insert which creates an extra depth to the product and or screen printing.

This process require a block to be made to our specification.

Foil Blocking

This places your design or logo onto the vinyl by way of a layer of coloured foil, this gives a quality look with a touch of 'sparkle' to your image.

This process requires a block to be made to our specification.

Die Cutting

This is a process which punches out your required shape from a sheet of vinyl or polypropylene. It's a method which enables us to supply data cases and polypropylene ring binders and also to punch out shapes and holes in some of our general vinyl product range.

We hold some tools for standard products, however we can design and have tools to produce boxes or binders to your exact requirements.

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