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By: Vital Living  05-Apr-2012

When you are fit and healthy, and you're able to live a life true to yourself and build powerful relationships, you will achieve balance in your life.

Achieving such balance is within the reach of everyone, and can be done through living the Vital Living Principles.

This book follows the Vital Living Principles, which were developed by Dennis.

  • They are about believing in yourself and achieving balance in your life;
  • They will encourage you to push your boundaries and live life with passion;
  • They will help you become confident and proud to be your unique self;
  • And they will help you to find the discipline and courage to make decisions and follow through with unending persistence.

What will you learn from this book?

Inspired by Dennis' life and his lifelong search for balance between body and spirit, and by the research and learning he has gained through his life experiences, this book offers you the secrets of how you can live a life full of Power, Passion and Vitality.

Dennis believes that many of the secrets to living a balanced life are held in the past. Through this book, he will share these secrets with you.

Wherever you are in your life right now – you can live a full life with happiness, power, passion and vitality, for the rest of your life.

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Reader reviews

What people are saying about this book:

"This is an absolute must! Dennis' open and honest testimonial on his own life experiences demonstrates how we all have the inner power to find balance in our lives and to become truly vital, powerful and passionate. It gives you that extra drive to go for it!"  Lena Dieltjens – Self Employed – Germany

"Reading this book truly convinced me that I could do it as well; it gave me that extra "push" I needed. It made me realize that it's not about the world around me, but about me: the power to change is inside myself! Thanks Dennis for showing me that." Dirk Gabriëls – Accountant/tax Advisor – Belgium

"This is not just another book about how to become fit or how to loose weight by yet an other wonder diet. This is about an overall life philosophy, not just a theoretical one, but one to live accordingly on a day to day basis."  Hildegard Ackermans – Housewife – Switzerland

"I started to read out of curiosity, which became very soon fascination. This book is really at the same time a touching life story as a practical guide that makes one conscious of his own body and mind."  Paul Bal – Decorator – Germany

"It becomes obvious as from the first pages that this book was written by a "hands on expert". Never before I have seen such a combined and clear approach of body, food, mind and emotions. That's what is making this book so appealing. It gives you the strength and conviction to go for it yourself."  Catherine Van Bladel – Personal Coach – France

"Basic principle in Dennis' book is making people think by themselves and take up responsibility for their own body and condition. Once they understand how their body and mind work and how these are related to each other and how they can influence that process, they are on the road to keep up with this healthy life style for the rest of their lives without needing external help."  Ch. De Wit – Director/Manager – Luxemburg

"A book that you will not "put away" after you read it, but you'll have around somewhere in your kitchen, living room or bedroom, to open it whenever you need it and just read a couple of pages, to keep you going."  Marleen Vercammen – CFO – Belgium

"Power, Passion and Vitality – Forever Is a book you must read. Dennis honesty about himself humanises this book and gives credibility to a subject we have long been told by conventional means was not possible. If you follow these principles, you can get your health back on track and improve the quality of your life. It is possible to increase your power, passion and vitality, no matter your age. I recommend you read this book. This kind of knowledge is power!"  Jacqui Houghton-Lee N.D. (Dip Nat Med), Func.Med (NZ) Managing Director,  Wisehealth

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