Fit 2 Rock ‘n’ Roll

By: Vital Living  05-Apr-2012
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One of our best selling specialized fat burning and back pain eliminating classes.

How can I work out if I have back pain!

You have back pain because you don’t work out and your core muscles especially the ones around the spine and lower back are weak. How can you NOT workout. You are making the problem worse.

How do I “melt” fat?

You melt fat by working the muscles of your core. Muscles need energy to work so the more muscle you gain the more energy (stored as fat in your body) you burn!

Why is “the Core” so important?

The core, which consists of your abs, butt and thighs, holds your entire body upright. If you have a flabby stomach, therefore a weak core you are putting extra stress on your lower back and the rest of your body to hold you upright.

7 reasons why you need to use Fit 2 Rock n Roll

  1. Burn Fat – by constantly recruiting core muscles – butt, thighs and tummy fat gets burned fast.
  2. Improve Posture – Swiss Balls strengthen your postural muscles and enhance both stabilizer and neutralizer muscle function.
  3. Improve Balance – by strengthening your core muscles balance will be improved which is excellent for rehabilitation for the elderly and athletes.
  4. Eliminate Back Pain – Both spinal and peripheral joint stability is improved when the correct Swiss Ball exercise technique is used. That’s why more and more professionals use Swiss Balls to cure back pain and prevent it from ever occurring again. Back pain will disappear forever!
  5. Activate your whole body – The exercises are neuromuscular, which means they engage your whole body, unlike more traditional exercise.
  6. Day-to-Day activities become easier – The exercises are functional, which means it trains proper movements – for use in day-to-day activities.
  7. Amp up your metabolism – Fit 2 Rock n Roll gets your body running hot – that means fat burning, weight loss and toning are more successful because your body’s metabolism is finally functioning correctly.

The home based personal training program includes the “Fit 2 Rock n Roll” manual/workbook with all the information you need to complete the program including your Vital Fitness Training Program Summary and Food Diary Report – with weekly measurements and weigh in / body fat, measurement / energy levels, general well-being. Also your nutritional plan, shopping tips, menus, and exercise information.

And a FREE newsletter with all the latest tips on health and Fitness.

All you need to purchase extra is your Anti-burst Swiss/Stability Ball with pump (ball size matched to your height), exercise mat and dumbbell set (3kg or more recommended) from your local sports store. This can be used again for all of our other Vital Fit Programmes.

It’s a great investment guaranteed to get results.


$39.95 USD

DVD + emanual

$49.95 USD

DVD only

$19.95 USD

FREE! Vital Living Circle of Life Poster with purchase!

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Keywords: Exercise, Fat Burning, Fitness Training, Personal Training, Weight Loss

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