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By: Visuallex Sport International  06-Dec-2011

VX Sport™ the revolution in sport technology is here. 

Here’s what the system is all about..

Models 330 and 340

• GPS 4 Hz (Swiss high accuracy and high precision model)
• 3 axis accelerometers 104 Hz each
• Magnetometers 52 Hz spread over 3 sensors
• Wireless heart rate detection (ANT digital coded)
• Battery life = > 6 hours
• Memory Full recording = > 2 ½ hours
• Memory Long play = > 6 hours
• A 2 ½ hour session will record 1 million data records
• USB download on all models; plus realtime live data for VX340
• Charging and download via multiport external USB hub
• Connect up to 24 x VX340 units to one tiny base station (VXM1) for realtime live speed, distance, heart rates, sprints data and player text alerts
• Software works in multiple languages and can display metric or imperial units. Languages - (auto selected by Windows – English, Spanish, French, German & Japanese)
• Water proof case
• Size: 73.5mm x 47mm x 15.5-16.8mm tapered case (Size approx. to a camcorder MiniDV cassette case.)
• Weight: approx. 50gm

Models 110 and 225

• GPS update each 0.25 seconds
• 3 axis accelerometers
• 3 axis magnetic field sensors (VX Log-225)
• Training reports for up to 15 athletes in single report
• Energy consumption reporting
• Wireless heart rate detection of standard uncoded chest straps

• Sealed lithium ion battery with in-built charger via USB
• Waterproof case (use sealed bag for submersion)
• Choice of standard and extended recording modes
• USB cable interface to PC

NEW Model VX 340 real time broadcast of speed, heart rate & distance, player alarms. 300m range to single base station (VXM1). Monitor up to 24 players at the same time.

Choose Model VX 225 for enhanced features – biomechanical body force analysis: Refer to local agents or distributors below

Choose Model VX110 for most applications – basic leg force sprint analysis: Refer to local agents or distributors below

Models from $US990 excluding sales tax

Agents or distributors in different countries

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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