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By: Vistagate  06-Dec-2011

Printing « Vistagate

Guests may now access your printer from anywhere in the world through Vistagate and PrinterOn®. Having a PrintSpots® at your property allows guests to print securely to a printer located wherever you may desire through their laptops or BlackBerry smartphone devices.

This printing solution is ideal for the corporate traveller who needs hard copies of documents, the mobile professional who needs to print on the road, and holidaying guests who need to print itineraries and boarding passes.

For PC

This requires installation of the PrintSpots® mobile printing software on any non-dedicated, networked PC in the general area of the networked printer. This software installs on your existing hardware.

For BlackBerry

The core purpose of this software is to navigate the perils of network firewalls. It does not interfere with firewall security, however allows print communication to pass through unaffected.

How to Use

There are three ways you and your guests will benefit from this printing solution.

Mobile Printing

Web-based Printing

Guests are directed to your PrintSpots® web page to submit their documents for printing. They simply select your firm, upload documents and send them for printing.

Secure Webpage Printing

By installing the PrintWhere® universal driver, your guests can automatically find the PrintSpots® located onsite. Guests are able to print information from secure web pages such as bank statements, boarding passes, rental agreements etc., with ease.

Privacy and Security

PrinterOn® hosts secure server platforms for document conversion and intelligent, secure delivery to the target printer at each location.

  • Data is transferred an encrypted using the highest Internet security standards to ensure privacy and security in every transaction.
  • All web transactions that include user information or print data are conducted using secure SSL communications.
  • Print data in transit is encrypted using 128bit AES and standard RSA public/ private key pairs, ensuring that the documents can only be encrypted with key pairs known only by the PrinterOn® software.
  • Users may enter, or are given, a confidential print release code, which is ideal for unattended areas such as business centres.

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