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By: Victoria University Of Wellington, New Zealand  06-Dec-2011

Student Representation

Representation is one of the PGSA's key activities and objectives.

The PGSA relies on postgraduates who volunteer their time on behalf of other postgraduates as:

  • The PGSA Executive
  • Representatives on University Committees

The student delegate's job is to represent the views of other students in the faculty and/or across VUW. It is a leadership position and generally it is helpful for the student to possess good communication skills and a passion for issues relating to students.

Faculty delegates need to:

  1. Be committed to attending all briefing meetings.
  2. Be committed to attending all faculty meetings.
  3. Undertake to read the faculty papers.
  4. Appreciate the fact that some information will be confidential.
  5. Be willing to accept decisions of the majority.
  6. Be willing to speak at meetings.
  7. Be committed to representing students' views.

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