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By: The Body Shop  06-Dec-2011

1.3. We are responsible for the Personal Information under our control, including Personal Information disclosed by us to a (often referred to as the data processor). "Vendor" in this Privacy Policy means in relation to Personal Information any person or entity (other than an employee of ) who Processes the Personal Information on behalf of . "Processing", in relation to Personal Information means for example obtaining, recording, holding or using the Personal Information anywhere in the world or carrying out any operation or set of operations on the Personal Information including (a) organisation, adaptation or alteration of the Personal Information, (b) retrieval, consultation or use of the Personal Information, (c) disclosure of the Personal Information by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, or (d) alignment, combination, blocking, erasure or destruction of the information or data; As a global business we wish to be able to communicate with our customers worldwide, and may have to process customer personal data anywhere in the world. This Privacy Policy complies with the highest legal standards around the world, and in particular, among others, with European data protection legislation, which generally sets some of the highest standards worldwide for the protection of personal data. If the Processing takes place outside of the European Economic Area ("EEA", which includes all the countries of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein), where the data protection laws may not provide an equivalent level of protection to those in the EEA, we will arrange for appropriate security measures to be in place to ensure a comparable level of protection for your Personal Information. In particular we will abide by this Privacy Policy when transferring your Personal Information outside of the EEA and will make sure that recipients of data transfers outside of the EEA are aware of this Privacy Policy and comply with it.

1.4. In certain specific instances, this Privacy Policy may also be supplemented by additional policies and terms, or by short Privacy Statements used in connection with particular purpose(s) or on various forms, which we may identify to be applicable.

2.2. We provide you with information that explains why the Personal Information is needed and how the Personal Information will be processed.

3.2. Although the precise details of the Personal Information collected will vary according to the specific purpose, we may typically collect the following Personal Information from or in relation to you:

  • name;
  • address;
  • phone numbers(s);
  • date of birth;
  • credit card number;
  • gender;
  • language preference; and merchandise category preferences;
  • identity card number or national insurance number (only in markets where this is appropriate pursuant to local law or custom)
  • 5.1.1. to complete transactions with you and to administer sales and to manage your membership with our customer loyalty scheme (if you become a member);

    5.1.2. to direct market to you;
    5.1.3. to understand and analyse our sales, and your needs and preferences;
    5.1.4. to develop, enhance, market and provide products and services to meet your needs;
    5.1.5. to enable you to participate in promotions and contests;
    5.1.6. to enable you to participate in customer research or focus groups;
    5.1.7. to process exchanges or product returns;
    5.1.8. to improve our Shops;
    5.1.9. to respond to requests or complaints
    5.1.10. to enable you to participate in our customer loyalty schemes and manage your membership thereof.

    5.4. We may disclose your Personal Information if we are required to do so by law or requirement of a competent authority.

    5.6. You will always be given the opportunity to consent (opt in) to your information being shared pursuant to section 5.5, and the selected companies/organisations will be sufficiently identified to allow you to make an informed decision. If you do consent (opt in) and subsequently visit such companies'/organisations' websites, we cannot control how they use or otherwise process any Personal Information you provide directly to them. We always encourage you to check their sites' terms and conditions and privacy policy before you give out any Personal Information.

    5.9. As we develop our business, we might sell or buy shops or assets. In such transactions, Personal Information may be one of the transferred business assets. Also, in the event that The Body Shop or substantially all of its assets are acquired, data files containing Personal Information will be one of the transferred assets.

    6.2. Consent to provide Personal Information is not a condition for our selling a product to you, unless the information requested is required to fulfill an explicitly specified and legitimate purpose.

    6.3. In particular we will generally seek your explicit prior consent (opt in) before sending to you marketing communications (see 5.1.2 above) unless the exception stated in section 6.6 below applies.

    7.2. You are responsible for informing us about changes to your Personal Information and for ensuring that such information is accurate and current.

    8.2. Responding to a customer request (under section 14 below) for information will usually be done at no or minimal cost to the customer. However, subject to the laws of any Relevant Jurisdiction, a fee for reasonable costs incurred may be charged in responding in writing, provided the customer is informed of the fee in advance, which will not exceed the maximum amount permitted by the legislation of the Relevant Jurisdiction. The Personal Information requested is provided to the customer in a form that is generally understandable.

    8.3. We amend the Personal Information contained in our database or elsewhere as required when an individual successfully demonstrates the inaccuracy or incompleteness of the Personal Information. An amendment may involve the correction, deletion or addition of information and notification to third party to whom the data have been disclosed. However, we may be unable to amend past purchase information or return transaction information.

    9.1. This Privacy Policy is effective as of 20 June 2011.

    10.2. We use various methods to safeguard Personal Information. They include:

    10.2.1. physical measures: locked filing cabinets, restriction of access to offices, and company alarm systems.
    10.2.2. technical tools: passwords and encryption, using generally industry best practices.
    10.2.3. organisational controls: confidentiality agreements, limiting access on a need-to-know basis, staff training and security clearances.

    10.4. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect your credit card information online. Upon entering the checkout page your computer will begin communicating with our server in secure mode. You will be able to tell that you are in secure mode because the "http" in the web address on your browser will change to "https".

    11.1.2. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of those other sites to learn how they collect and use information about you.

    14.1. If there are any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or the data collection practices outlined herein, please contact us as follows:

    By Mail:

    Privacy Policy Enquiries, Legal Dept, The Body Shop International plc, Watersmead, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 6LS, UK

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