Shop Floor Intranet Data Capture

By: Tharstern Nz  05-Apr-2012

User Support:                                   Automatic screen prompts are built into the module and appear through the workflow assisting users and ensuring the experience is easy and seamless.

Touch Screen Support:                    Compatible with touch-screen requirement when available.

Shift Plan Support:                           Extensive shift support with flexi-time and overtime thresholds.

Global Activity View:                       Showing all production currently in progress with Operator ID, operation, clock-in times and shift rates.

Operations Analysis:                        To monitor and analyse all productive and non-productive labour.

Auto Time Sheet Posting:               Time-sheets automatically posed to Job Costing for accurate analysis of job profitability.

Stock and Materials Issuing:           Issue material direct from the shop floor with integration to Job Production / Costing and Stock Control.

On Screen ‘Work-To’ Lists:             Generated from Production Scheduling and fed-back to Production Scheduling in real-time.

Multi-platform Support:                 Supports PC and Mac standard explorers.         

Job Route ‘Work-To’ Lists:              Even if Production Scheduling isn’t used or if there is a change in plan, operators can still use the job-specific route as a ‘Work-To’ List.

Electronic Job Bag:                            Full job details are available at the operator’s terminal including any linked documents. Eliminates paper job bags which are effectively out-of-date as soon as they are printed.

Customisable Electronic

Job Bags:                                             Using XSLT templates to create customer job bags viewable and printable from within IDC.

Resource Sequences:                       Automatic Sequences for common production activities, e.g. Run 10 Colour consists of setup, run, wash: automatically choosing the next operation as each one is complete.

Print Passport:                                  Ability to track and record completion of required quality procedures during operations and ensure departmental compliance with quality assurance procedures, e.g. following print make-ready, operator confirms the imposition has been checked and approved.

Operations View:                             To easily see planned and completed operations of a job.

Operator and Operation

Analysis:                                             Providing extensive view of operator performance, time and attendance, including operation comparison against target.

Interrupt Operations:

Operator Notes Facility:

Time Recording:                                Standard clocking-in and clocking-out functionality enables accurate time tracking and management of information for payroll.

Proof Management:

Job Operation Comments:             Operations can be designated as requirements comment upon completion. These can be entered and reported on. This, along with the notes facility and the transparency of ALL information on the job helps towards getting ‘buy-in’ from shop-floor operatives.

Embedded HTML/ASP

TharInfo Pages:                                 Customise functionality on the shop floor using the TharsternSQL TM ASP pages: Create unique Quality Control screens with user sign-off; publish KPI graphs showing how the team is tracking against pre-defined targets; use graphs with optional interactive drill-down functionality with DotNet Charting as a powerful tool.