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By: Synthetek Industries  06-Dec-2011

INGREDIENTS: Hydroxycobalamin 1,200mcg/ml, Cyanacobalamin 800mcg/ml. Total of 2,000mcg/ml of B-12 – 100ml bottle.

Usage: 2ml taken every 3-4 days

Do you not have an appetite no matter what you try?

Do you bruise easily?

Do you feel lethargic and run down?

Synthelamin™ is the answer!

Synthelamin™ contains B-12 in the forms of cyanacobalamin and hydroxycobalamin.

Synthelamin™ will increase your red blood count so it will help you if you are anaemic. Due to extra red blood cells created by the Synthelamin™, more oxygen and nutrients will reach the various tissues in your body, as such your appetite will increase and you will have a great increase of a ‘general well being’ feeling.

All other B-12 preparations on the market contain only cyanacobalamin, meaning they need daily administration, which as you can imagine can become very tedious. Synthelamin™ is the only B-12 product available that contains a pre-stack of timed released B-12, as such allowing administration of only once or twice per week.

Not only that, but Synthelamin™ is DOUBLE the strength of its nearest competitor and as much as 8 times stronger than other B-12 preparations!

Users regularly report great increases in appetite, energy, well being, moderate vascularity enhancement and a much lower occurence of bruising.

Synthelamin™ is also phenomenal value as a bottle will last as long as 1 year (50 weeks)!

Simply put, no other B-12 product in the world can compete with Synthelamin™! It’s stronger, more convenient and better value than any of its competitors!

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