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By: Sycamore  05-Apr-2012

See Beyond


We can shoot on anything from a Canon 7D to a RED EPIC. With live feeds to the director we can see exactly what’s going on live, from wherever we are. Sycamore is the next step in film making and production.


Whatever camera, whatever Lens. We take Hi Res Images that are made for professional use, providing you with either RAW or Tiff format images. This isn’t tidily winks.

3Project Management

If you are after more than just the raw footage or image, Sycamore can manage your project from start to finish. Our team consists of five creative individuals who know how to get things done with some flare and creativity.

Why Sycamore?

Technologically advanced: Sycamore uses the latest in aerial technology to deliver media that was once unobtainable. This is through the technological advancements in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Some of the key advantages Sycamore offers over competitors:

  • Safer
  • Consistent
  • More affordable than ever before

Service Focused: Sycamore was built on, and too this day is a service-based company. With visionary leadership, complimented by an array of skills and backgrounds, this company has been raised to deliver nothing less than outstanding service. This eclectic group has developed systems and the operational expertise to guarantee an outstanding product, delivered on time at a competitive price.

Safety and Environmental Pioneers: Sycamore is developing and refining the safety standards and operational procedures for UAS (alongside the CAA). Sycamore is the safest and most environmentally friendly way to deliver imagery form the skies. With no risk to pilots, zero emissions and a minut carbon foot print, Sycamore is a safe, efficient and cost effective alternative to helicopters.

Other products and services from Sycamore


Industrial imagery | Sycamore

Providing consistent monitoring and tracking of the unique or hard to reach locations. Either unthought of or deemed to expensive, aerial imagery is rarely used. Sycamore has made aerial imagery accessible and affordable. Examples of our industrial service range.


Marketing Imagery | Sycamore

See beyond the constraints of the generic camera angle and take your creation to the next level. Either unthought of or deemed too expensive, aerial imagery is rarely used. Sycamore has made aerial imagery accessible and affordable. So tell us your idea and we will help make it a reality.


Project Management | Sycamore

Package of aerial surveying with GPS data, Google map integration, flight data, coordinates, conclusions and evaluation findings report. Photographs of requested areas, events or objects using our UAV’s and our advanced cameras. Raw Video, taking video footage of what you want filmed on what camera you want. You receive all the RAW CR2 files, also all image files as converted tiffs.