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By: Squiz  06-Dec-2011

Squiz Campaign Manager is web based software. It’s smart enough to automate a whole lot of the process, and easy and quick to use, so you can focus on your strategy and message.

In setting you up on Campaign Manager, Squiz would typically create your newsletter / campaign template/s for you, and integrate a subscribe / unsubscribe form on your website.

Squiz Campaign Manager takes care of:

  • List management and segmentation
  • Subscriber management
  • Campaign design
  • Automatic ‘plain text’ versioning
  • A/B split testing
  • Advanced reporting and analytics

Squiz Campaign Manager can handle any size campaign, from just tens of recipients, to extremely large campaigns in the hundreds of thousands of contacts or more, at once.

Reach interested contacts

Squiz Campaign Manager gives you great list management controls to reach interested contacts and avoid spamming. It makes it easy for anyone on your lists to unsubscribe.

Test, tune, improve results

If you’re trying out some new creative or marketing ideas, you can do an A/B split test with two versions of your campaign to a subset of your list.. automatically sending the winner to the rest of the list. 
The Squiz Campaign Manager also provides advanced analytics that allow you to monitor email bounces, opens and clicks - right down to the individual contacts in your list. This granular visibility enables you to quickly take proactive steps to improve customer engagement, as well as learn from response to your campaigns over time.

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