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By: So You  06-Dec-2011

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Keep your hair looking amazing between salon visits

Your hair can become damaged just from stepping outside to over use of heat styling tools. So You believes in inspiring you to look after your hair at home and we have some fantastic product ranges for you to try. We will share with you some fantastic tips on maintaining your hair in between your regular visit to So You.
Simple blow dry techniques and little hints to help with when your using your styling tools at home. Professional product is a perfect way to take great care of your hair, we will makesure that you fully understand how to use your product and also makesure it is the right product for you and your hair concerns.

Fashion Fearless Styling!
Sebastian's Story back in the year 1970.
california's dreaming.
hippie turns hip
before glamour digs its disco heels. then hair really flips out. geri cusenza, salon-starlet,
starts making waves
in her own sizzling fashion.
turning an amped-up invention
into a mane event:
the crimping iron. electrifying the scene,
she and husband john
continue to spark a cult-following. known to have blown the lid off creativity
for three-plus decades,
fearless styling
isn't a limp statement. but a style uniquely, fiercely, feverishly
System Professional

The SP brand embodies high peformance premium products. Each product has been designed to be tailor made to cater to your individual hair and scalp needs.With over 300  product combinations in the SP range, our stylist can create a personlised solution to suit your hair and scalp needs, allowing you to have the most beautiful and healthy hair possible.Unique for you!

2011 Registered Member So You has satisfied the requirements of the NZ association of registered hairdresers INC.And therby qualified for the 2010 certificate of registration.