ScopeTracker - Requirements mgmt tool

By: Smartmatix  05-Apr-2012

ScopeTracker – requirements management tool

The perfect tool to help you get on top of scope, change, quality, time, agreement, and acceptance.

Fully supports all six CMMi level-2 Requirements Management KPA’s (most others don’t)

Master the art of prioritisation, managing sets, linking and bi‑directional traceability, with ease, at your own pace.

Priced so everyone in the team can have a copy (a must).

Built by practitioners, for practitioners, ScopeTracker:

ScopeTracker helps you

with Features like

Define scope

easy capture & marking of requirements in docs, code, tests

Meet time-lines

easy editing, prioritization, estimation, versioning, …

Manage incremental delivery

easy to assemble build Sets (fluid or locked)

Understand dependencies &
avoid duplication

weighted requirements to requirements Linking

Manage change

bi-directional traceability of req. to files and vice versa

Manage program &
enterprise architecture

Copy or assign requirements to projects
but let the project manager control when to update/change

andunlike the big name tools and others:

●      no pop-up screens or multiple tabs to edit just one requirement

●      no manual updating of requirement-to-file hyperlinks if a file changes

●      can trace changes in parts of files back to requirements

●      unifies everyone in the team, not just BA’s

●      does not suffer performance, file exchange, or tight integration issues

●      is much more than just a requirement list manager

●      is affordable

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