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By: Shifting Gears  06-Dec-2011

We use and recommend a range of tools that we make available through the programmes and online.


Shifting Gears and the SG Personal Memory Jogger, are integral to the Shifting Gears programme. We receive great feedback from people with comments such as “inspiring” and “helped me to deal with the situation I was facing”.

The SG Memory Jogger is not available in libraries because, as the name suggests, its focus is to serve as a reminder for people who have completed the Shifting Gears programme. Used in conjunction with Shifting Gears, the SG Memory Jogger serves as a quick reference to the concepts and skills needed when you are looking for new ways to deal with a situation, whether or not you participate in the programme.

Two other books that complement what we do at our programme are Viktor Frankl’s ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’ and Burt Hotchkiss’ ‘Your Owners Manual’ – both well worth reading for their insights and challenges to our everyday lives.


Shifting Gears (the book) : $NZ 34.95 incl. GST ($US 20.95)

SG Memory Jogger : $NZ 19.95 incl. GST ($US 12.95)

Man’s Search For Meaning : $NZ 19.95 incl. GST ($US 12.95)

Your Owners Manual : $NZ 11.95 incl. GST ($US 7.95)


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