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Do you:

·        own your business or does it own you?

·        spend more time working in your business than working on your business?

·        have a clear direction for where you want your business to go?

·        really believe that continuing to do what you’ve always done in business will get you to where you want to go in any market?

·        have clear and specific long term business objective supported by shorter term key (1 -5 years) goals?

·        have a 12 month strategic marketing plan designed to drive customers through your doors?

·        know who your target customers are and why they would use you?

·        know your unique points of difference that help you stand out above your competition?

·        regularly analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats for your business?

·        feel satisfied with the level of rewards you are currently getting from your business or do you want something more?

·        know how valuable you business is and how much you could sell it for?

If you have never considered all or any of these questions and want to make the next 12 months in business your best yet then YOU NEED to talk to us about our “Strategic Business Growth Action Programmes”.

Our Passion & commitment

At self-M Powered Coaching we are passionate and committed to working with local businesses to explode their true potential for growth and success through the implementation of a simple yet highly effective “Strategic Business Growth Action Plan” – this is not just a Business Plan it is a is uniquely tailored programme that is designed to “supercharge” your business towards generating the income and lifestyle you have always dreamed of! Investing in one of our coaching programmes is the best investment you will ever make for your business. If you don’t believe us then check out what our clients say about us on the back of this pamphlet.

The benefits of self-M Powered business coaching

When you commit to business coaching with us you are in effect making a commitment to your business that you want to take it to the next higher level. To achieve this forward momentum there is one simple requirement BE PREPARED TO CHANGE what you have habitually always done. To achieve this new high level of business you need to access a new higher level of thinking because – “You will not find a solution to your problem at the same level of thought that created the problem in the first place” Albert Einstein. Our coaching programmes are designed to take you to a new higher level of reflective thought and action through:

·        ensuring that you do actually take time to work on your business;

·        being a catalyst for encouraging change and growth both at a personal level and at a business level;

·        promoting accountability and making sure you do what you say you are going to do;

·        challenging your pre-conceptions about how to do business;

·        providing objective and constructive feedback;

·        helping you to identify habits that may be holding you and your business back from the success you deserve;

·        strategic planning and goal setting;

·        sharing our extensive business and coaching experience with you and supporting you throughout your journey towards the attainment of your goals and business objectives.

Our experience

The director and principal coach of self-M Powered Coaching is John Gray LLB/Dip.Coaching who has over 28 years commercial experience advising and coaching individuals and organizations. John has successfully established and operated several of his own businesses including this coaching business. John is a well known and respected coach, speaker, facilitator and writer. Something that you may not know about John is that he is also a Barrister and Solicitor and has a wealth of commercial legal knowledge and experience.

Our commitment to you

Self-M powered Coaching is committed to providing the highest level of service and value to its clients. To back up this commitment should you feel that at any point during our coaching relationship that you are not receiving the highest possible value for you investment in our coaching then you may immediately terminate our relationship with no questions asked (including a refund of your last month’s coaching fees) or alternatively we will coach you free of charge for the next 3 months.

Free coaching consultation

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to meet for a free no obligation trial coaching session. This will allow you to experience first hand how business coaching works and whether it will be a good fit for you.

To book your FREE coaching session with us please contact us on:

Phone: 021-020 37446

E-mail: [email protected]

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