10 Key Ingredients for a Magic Newsletter

By: Scratch Design  05-Apr-2012

  1. Personality - Best to be done by the owner of the business. A chance to build your personality and share some of your personal life that makes you a real person. Best done in the opening article, talk about your cat, dog, fishing trip, holiday, opinion on life and anything else that is not plain boring. People are interested in this. Why do you think Shortland Street is so popular? Make your newsletter like a soap opera where people can’t wait to get the next edition.
  2. News About Your Clients - people love to be recognised for great work, or winning a competition. Highlight a case study or project you’ve just completed.
  3. Useful Tips and Tools - Provide value to your readers with useful tips and tactics they can go away and use to solve a problem in their life/business. Build these up so they are ready to go for any publication.
  4. Announcements - New staff, events coming up or been, shifting, new products etc
  5. Interaction - Have something where people need to respond to receive a gift, enter a draw for a prize, or join a group.
  6. Involvement - A quiz, spot the mistake.
  7. An Offer - Make the newsletter pay for itself by having an offer included for people to respond and make a purchase from you. Do not be shy. Tell them exactly how to respond.
  8. Your Contact Details- Have all your contact details, including map of premises if relevant, open hours and encourage a visit to your website.
  9. List of Services/Products - Do not assume people know what you do. It is up to you to remind them. Other ideas include having someone else contribute an article, photo’s, quotes a joke.
  10. Make it fun.

A few good ways to speed up the process.

  • Have a box or a folder where you put ideas for articles. You might think of something to put in the newsletter, so jot it down on a post it note, or rip out an article and put it in. Then when it comes time to write, you are not starting with a blank piece of paper.
  • Keep a look out for pre done content.  If you belong to an Association there are often articles available for members use. There are also a number of Websites where articles can be accessed and purchased at minimal fees.
  • Get Staff or Suppliers to write articles, utilise your strategic alliances to swap stories for use in each others Newsletters.
  • Images:  Again use a folder to collect relevant images and carry with you a digital camera or phone so you can get images while out in the field or visiting clients to showcase and discuss projects.  They are also a good way of ‘filling’ up space if you are short on content.