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Keywords: Employment, Team Building, Interview Skills

As experts in the employment and training fields we are pleased to offer a range of "energy charged" services to assist you or your business.

We can help you if you are;


- looking for new staff at any level

- wanting to undertake team planning or team building with your staff

- wishing to introduce training and qualifications in the workplace to qualify your staff

- needing assistance with setting up Human Resource systems and processes

- wishing to offer employment assistance to staff who may be losing jobs through redundancy or restructuring


- looking for training to gain qualifications and skills quickly (see our XLR8R programmes)

- needing assistance with CV preparation, Cover Letters, Applications, Job Searching or Interview Skills (Employed or Unemployed)

- needing Career Advise or guidance

- seeking a new job or career (Employed or Unemployed)

Recruitment Services (Permanent or Long Term Placement only)

If your business is looking for new staff then we can offer you our Direct Matching service where we match your vacancy to Jobseeker profiles that we hold on our database. If your match is successful we will provide you with copies of suitable CVs for you to consider for testing or interviewing. If we successfully find a suitable match for you, your business will be charged a "one off" placement fee after the employee has remained with your business for 28 days.

Whether you need to sit down and plan for a new business year, or just need some time out to enjoy the company of your colleagues, Sapphire can provide your business with a number of options to help you build and maintain a strong team. We can provide the Venue, Facilitator, Resources, Presentation Equipment and even the Catering to form a cost-effective "peace of mind" package.

If you are looking for a more "Activity Based" team building experience we can organise this for you too!! The options are endless, so just talk to us about what you want to achieve and we will put something exciting together to suit your needs and your budget.

These activities are so much fun, your staff will be talking about it for weeks!

For an "action packed" team experience, call us now!

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Human Resource Management

If you employ staff then it is very important to have sound Human Resource systems in place to protect your business and your staff.

With regular changes to the laws that relate to employing staff, it is equally important that your systems comply with these changes.

Whether your business or organisation is large or small, commercial or non-profit we can assist you to put together a Human Resource System that suits you! Working with you, we can help to develop Systems, Processes and Manuals that ensure that you meet your "good employer" obligations and comply with the relevant employment - related legislation. Once this is completed we are also able to assist with staff training if required.

Talk to us now about getting set up!

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Services for Staff Effected by Redundancy

With the state of the world economy at present, we are already starting to see an impact on businesses in New Zealand in terms of increased unemployment and redundancy. As business Owners and Employers, some of us are faced with the unfortunate reality of having to make staff redundant during this hard time.

Among this "doom and gloom" however, there is the opportunity to salvage something for your departing staff to assist them to find a new job or embark on a new career.

Why not call on our skilled Consultants to help out! We are experts in providing advice and guidance in all aspects of the Employment industry.

We can provide "one on one" personalised sessions to assist with things such as CV preparation, Career Guidance or Employment Coaching or deliver group workshops in Job Searching Techniques and Job Interview Skills. All services can be delivered from our office or your workplace as deemed suitable. In terms of cost, we guarantee value for money, however how do you put a price on "caring about your staff's future".

To get your staff's future sorted, call us now on:

FREEPHONE: 0508-727744

Work and Income (MSD) Programmes and Services

We are pleased to be able to offer a range of services to all clients who are registered job seekers with Work and Income in the Wellington and Hawkes Bay Regions. We have skilled Consultants available in both regions to provide services such as:

- CV Preparation

- Employment Coaching (Help with job searching, cover letters, job applications, job interviews)

- Employment Placement Services

- XLR8R Pre-employment training programmes (Wellington Region only at this stage)

Most of these services are delivered from local Work and Income sites and in nearly all cases these services are also funded by Work and Income. XLR8R Programmes are run from our Training Centre in Petone, Wellington.

To book an appointment to see us, just talk to your Case Manager or call us directly on FREEPHONE: 0508-727744.

Employment Services

If you need help getting a new job, we can help you with:

- Preparing or updating your CV, or tailoring it to suit a specific industry

- Writing a good cover letter or completing complex applications

- Preparing for a job interview (one on one or panel), including mock interviews

- Job searching techniques

Call us now for an appointment on FREEPHONE: 0508-727744.

Career Advice

Need some direction? Want to know "what's hot and what's not?" Need to know what training options are best for you?

Good career advice is based around a good knowledge of the current and future labour markets. Why pay good money to train for a career with no demand? Aren't you sick of hearing about people to paid huge money to do courses with fancy marketing campaigns but no real job outcomes?

What skills and passions do you have, and where do they fit in today's job market

For honest and "straight up" career advice call us now on FREEPHONE: 0508-727744


Keywords: Employment, Interview Skills, Team Building